Ranking of Senior II Standard

The following results are from the IDSF Open taken place in Toronto - Canada on 18 April 2010


1.Richard Stahl - Francine PoissantCAN100100
2.Roland Cyr - Carol CyrCAN8080
3.Guenther Nagel - Antje NagelGER7070
4.Yves Verret - Agathe GeoffrionCAN6565
5.Jean Comeau - Gisele CadoretCAN6060
6.Mario Nadeau - Danielle NadeauCAN5555
7.Denis Michaud - Diane MichaudCAN5050
8.Liaolian Jiang - Lina YuCAN4848
9.William Lee - Fiona TamCAN4646
9.Allen Torrenueva - Lori YipCAN4646
11.Stephen Sun Wai Woo - Winnie Tan-Ming WooCAN4242
12.David Reddin - Marie RobinsonCAN4040
12.Patrick Moore - Elise StanleyCAN4040