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Budapest - Hungary on 28/04/2018

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Contact person: Mr Zoltán Sándor
Phone: +36 30 960 4682

  • New, comfortable, modern venue, closer to the airport and highways: Törökbálint Sport Hall, Hungary
  • New category: WDSF Ten Dance Open
  • Basic comps


Budapest - Hungary on 28/04/2018

Saturday, 28 April 2018

WDSF Open Standard Youth
WDSF Open Standard Junior II
WDSF Open Standard Senior I
WDSF Open Standard Senior II
WDSF Open Standard Senior III
WDSF Open Latin Youth
WDSF Open Latin Junior II
WDSF Open Latin Senior I
WDSF Open Latin Senior II
WDSF Open Latin Rising Stars
WDSF Open Ten Dance Adult
HDSA Open Standard Junior I
HDSA Open Standard Rising Stars
HDSA Open Latin Junior I
HDSA Open Latin Rising Stars