WDSF Backstage Access Pass

The Backstage Access Pass serves as a highly valuable tool for production companies and various media entities seeking access to restricted zones during the progression of a competition. Any team that obtains this accreditation will not only gain exclusive advantages but will also assume specific responsibilities. These privileges offer a unique window into the world of dance sport, while the following obligations ensure a respectful and enriching experience for all involved. Below, we outline the privileges and obligations for media holding the Backstage Access Pass.


  1. Access to Restricted Areas: Accredited media with the Backstage Access Pass will have exclusive access to designated restricted areas where they can capture "behind the scenes" content during the event.
  2. Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Media will be allowed to record and document warm-up sessions, practices, and other candid moments that offer a unique insight into the lives and preparations of athletes.
  3. Enhanced Storytelling: The pass enables media to create compelling narratives that showcase the dedication, determination, and personal stories of athletes, enriching the overall event coverage.
  4. Close Interaction: Media will have opportunities for personal interactions with athletes and event staff, fostering a deeper understanding of the dance sport community.
  5. Access to Designated Media Space: Accredited media will be provided with a dedicated space equipped with essential amenities and an internet connection for reporting and content creation.


  1. Respect for Guidelines: Media will adhere to the specific guidelines outlined in the Backstage Access Pass regarding the content that can be captured and the areas where recording is allowed.
  2. Team Composition: The media team accessing restricted areas will consist of a maximum of three members. This team may be made up of a producer, director or scriptwriter, cameraman, sound engineer, etc. The names and surnames of the people selected by the media must be communicated to WDSF with adequate advance notice for correct identification during the event.
  3. Athlete Privacy: While recording, media will respect the privacy and personal space of athletes, avoiding intrusive or disruptive behaviour that can negatively affect their concentration or performance.
  4. No Competition Footage: Media will refrain from recording any part of the actual competition, in line with the restrictions designated by WDSF to maintain the integrity of the event and preserve rights in protected content.
  5. Compliance with Organizers: Media will cooperate with event organizers, who will act as supervisor bodies, and follow their instructions to ensure a smooth and respectful experience for all participants.
  6. Access to Additional Content: Media purchasing the Backstage Access Pass have the option to request footage from battles or highlights clips through the WDSF. This opens up an opportunity for supplementary content that can enhance media coverage. The WDSF will facilitate these requests, offering a chance for media to access specific content beyond the backstage experience.

By upholding these privileges and obligations, accredited media contribute to capturing the essence of dance sport and celebrate the passion and commitment of Breaking athletes.

Upcoming competitions with Backstage Access Pass availability

  • 15 - 16 December 2023: BfG World Series in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China - CHF260.00

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