Issue 2005/17 : International DanceSport Federations President’s New Years Message

[u][i] [b]The President’s New Years Message:[/u] [/i][/b] [/u] One of the issues I would like to discuss in this message is the question about “personal freedoms”. I think that we would all welcome the ability not to pay taxes, or to ignore laws which we did not agree with.However, laws, rules, regulations and obligations provide a framework which exists to protect and guarantee the very personal freedoms which we all cherish.An example of the need to work within established structures relates to the fact that there are many Sports which have as a goal acceptance of their Sport in the Olympic Program.However, just because the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is not prepared to accept a particular Sport does not mean that these Sports should go out and establish their own structure to try to compete with the IOC.Rather, all these Sports accept that we must work within the Olympic family to show the value of our particular Sport to gain acceptance into the Olympic Program.

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