Issue 2013/09: WDSG 2013 | Keeping Up With T-Rex Duck

:::: Keeping Up With T-Rex Duck :::: Issue 20/09/2013

Keeping Up With T-Rex Duck

Day 5 of the World DanceSport Games 2013 didn’t get upstaged – as many feared it would – by the giant rubber duck that had arrived at the port of Kaohsiung the day before. Around 10,000 spectators flocked to K-Arena to watch the last three events staged there between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

First to take to the floor were the HipHoppers with their four events: Small Group, Duo, Solo Women and Solo Men. They all danced over three rounds to determine their champions. And by the time the finals came around, they had the crowd on their feet with every move they put on.  HipHop Champions of the World DanceSport Games 2013 are: Slovenia (Small Group); Artem Glotov – Evgenia Maksimova, RUS (Duo); Jennifer Romen, NED (Solo Women); Dinipiri Etebu (Solo Men)

The Cheerleading competition spread over four days and two rounds. The seven teams had their first round scheduled on Tuesday, then took a break, and then performed once more on Friday.  Lots of time for sightseeing in between! When they were called to the floor – or should we better say 'protective mat' – it was in the reverse order of standing after round one. When Chinese Taipei entered third to last, everyone at the arena knew that a medal was at stake for the host country.

In the final tally of points awarded for the different judging criteria, Chinese Tapei was able to maintain third place to the delight of the crowd, Japan came in second, and Thailand was declared WDSG 2013 Champion.

The third highlight of Day 5 at the WDSG 2013 was the Latin event. The current number 1 in the WDSF World Ranking Latin – Aniello Langella and Krystyna Moshenska, ITA - had not danced in last weekend’s GrandSlam in Beijing, CHN, but they had decided to travel to Taiwan for the World DanceSport Games. In the final that was danced and judged to the GrandSlam formula, they won again all five dances with a significant margin. Runners-up in Kaohsiung  were Marius-Andrei Balan - Nina Bezzubova, GER, ahead of Timur Imametdinov - Ekaterina Nikolaeva, RUS, who repeated in third after Beijing.

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Kaohsiung, 20 September, Helmut Roland Kaohsiung, 20 September, Helmut Roland