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The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) launches a fee-based video-on-demand service through Vimeo.  After making online coverage of many of its premier events available exclusively through YouTube in the past, WDSF opts for a synergetic side-by-side between free and pay-per-view models in the future.

While WDSF continues with its efforts to make quality video content on DanceSport available to audiences worldwide without any charges, it also starts to put specific content behind a payment wall. Documentaries, highlights on select events and, eventually, a regular DanceSport magazine will be offered through “Vimeo on Demand.” It is above all independent filmmakers who make use of this service to distribute their productions. Sports do exist on the platform but are probably at their best in the form of documentaries.

But even that seems appropriate, as WDSF launches the on-demand service with the release of “Do your dance,” the 69-minute documentary on the inaugural edition of the World DanceSport Games. The film by Spanish director Pedro Toro was only recently selected for screening at the Sport Movies & TV – 32nd Milano International FICTS Fest 2014.

WDSF is convinced that the straightforward “commercial” offer through Vimeo will find acceptance in the community that has long embraced streaming content on its sport of preference. Over the past four years, the approximately 4,000 videos on the WDSF YouTube channel DanceSport Total have generated some 36 million views and created a loyal audience of 40,000 subscribers.

“With DanceSport Total plus on Vimeo we aim to expand the coverage on our events further and to create premium content that will inject revenues into our ever-growing production efforts,” said WDSF President Carlos Freitag.

First Vice-President Lukas Hinder, who supervises broadcasting ventures within WDSF, considers the newest initiative another important milestone in the governing body’s quest to secure the widest possible exposure for DanceSport.

“In June we announced the conclusion of an international distribution agreement for the coverage of the GrandSlam Series with our television partner IEC in Sports,” Hinder said. “Not even two months later we start to distribute even more quality coverage on our own. This makes a statement about our determination to bring DanceSport to audiences everywhere.”

The first exclusive DanceSport Total plus content, “Do your dance – The first World DanceSport Games,” will be available for viewing and even downloading from Friday 8 August 2014. More will follow next week with two 90-minute highlights on the semi-finals and finals of the Professional Division Super GrandPrix Standard and Latin.

Premium Content @ A Fair Price