WDSF Press Releases

Issue 2015/05: Bigger Than Ever | The GrandSlam Latin Stuttgart31/07/2015
Issue 2015/06: Hometown Heroes | The GrandSlam STD Stuttgart06/08/2015
Issue 2016/01: Combat Competition Manipulation | The Task Force15/04/2016
Issue 2016/02: Harri Syväsalmi Joins Competition Manipulation Task Force03/06/2016
Issue 2016/03: DanceSport At SPORTEL Monaco14/09/2016
Issue 2016/04: Gabi and Anna @ Sportel24/10/2016
Issue 2016/05: Olympic DanceSport in 201807/12/2016
Issue 2017/01: DanceSport on the Olympic Channel01/03/2017
Issue 2017/02: BREAKING for GOLD07/04/2017
Issue 2017/03: Taking The Digital Step 05/05/2017
Issue 2017/04: DanceSport | University Sport23/05/2017
Issue 2017/05: Alternative Road To Buenos Aires27/06/2017
Issue 2017/06: New Member Body For Russia14/07/2017
2017/07: BREAKING for GOLD Comes to Essen20/10/2017
2017/08: #YOGjourney Continues For Breakers From Asia And Oceania29/11/2017
2017/09: #YOGJourney Continues: On To The World05/12/2017
2018/01: Buenos Aires Here We Come!21/05/2018
2018/02: WDSF President Hinder Announces Resignation 18/06/2018
2018/03: Marco Sietas’s Appeal Terminated by Court of Arbitration for Sport07/08/2018
2018/04: WDSF On FloDance09/08/2018
2018/05: New WDSF President23/11/2018
2019/01: WDSF Announces the 2019 World Breaking Championship23/01/2019
2019/02: Paris 2024 calls for Breaking's Inclusion at the XXXIII Olympiad 21/02/2019
2019/03: IOC Executive Board gives thumbs up for Breaking at Paris 202428/03/2019
2019/04: Ami, Menno crowned 2019 World Breaking Champions24/06/2019