WDSF Press Releases

Issue 2005/04 : IDSF’s Cameroon DanceSport Federation Receives Full Recognition from Cameroon National Olympic Committee12/04/2005
Issue 2005/03 : Sanctions against 'International Dance Union (IDU)'18/03/2005
Issue 2005/02 : Federation of DanceSport South Africa (FEDANSA) Receives full recognition from NOCSA10/02/2005
Issue 2005/01 : IDSF Presidium Suspends an Adjudicator’s Licence25/01/2005
Issue 2004/16 : Acceditation System for IDSF Adjudicators29/12/2004
Issue 2004/15 : Apology By An Athlete01/12/2004
Issue 2004/14 : Suspension of IDSF Membership Privileges of Ukraine DanceSport Association (UDSA)09/10/2004
Issue 2004/13 : The Final Of The 2004 IDSF Grand Slam Series: Essen, Germany23/08/2004
Issue 2004/10 : New IDSF Advisor For Southern African Region30/07/2004
Issue 2004/11 : IDSF Launches Two New DanceSport Magazines30/07/2004
Issue 2004/12 : South African Countries form a regional DanceSport Confederation30/07/2004
Issue 2004/09 : IDSF Launches World Ranking DanceSport List for “Senior” Age Groups27/07/2004
Issue 2004/08 : Proposed new IDSF Member Body in the USA21/07/2004
Issue 2004/07 : Rudolf Baumann Re-elected24/06/2004
Issue 2004/06 : IDSF Presidium Member Rita Thomas Obtained The Civil Order Of British Empire12/06/2004
Issue 2004/05 : 1st IDSF DanceSport Summer Festival in Spain08/05/2004
Issue 2004/04 : Colombian DanceSport Recieves International01/05/2004
Issue 2004/03 : Japan DanceSport Federation (JDSF) Recieves Full (NOC) recognition28/04/2004
Issue 2004/02 : IDO joins IDSF as Associate Member10/02/2004
Issue 2004/01 : IDFS fights against corruption18/01/2004
Issue 2003/01 : IDSF President Baumann's New Year's Message01/12/2002