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2021 WDSF AGM - members elect a new WDSF Presidium 27/07/2021

2021 WDSF AGM - members elect a new WDSF Presidium

Lausanne, Switzerland.

On Sunday 25th July 2021 the WDSF hosted the first ever online elective Annual General Meeting (AGM). WDSF partnered with LUMI Global, an independent specialised technology platform, to facilitate the 2021 online AGM and elections. Prior to the AGM all voting delegates were invited to take part in training sessions how to use the secured LUMI platform. 


As per decision of the WDSF Presidium the wider public was invited to follow the discussions and elections via live stream. In total over 4400 views were registered. The full 2021 AGM, including the elections can be seen on WDSF’s DanceSportTotal Youtube channel


WDSF President Mr. Shawn Tay, who chaired the meeting said: “The 2021 WDSF Annual General Meeting was a new experience for many of us. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the delegates of our National Member Bodies (NMBs) for attending the training sessions, and contributing to making this AGM a great success. I look forward to working with the new Presidium Members and colleagues from our NMBs as we work hard to bring DanceSport Competitions back to life from COVID as soon as possible.  We will also fulfill all our obligations to the IOC to ensure that Breakdancing’s entry to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be a huge success so that the door remains open for future Olympic Games”.


In total, 81 WDSF members were present during this AGM, exercising 146 votes. The voting delegates elected the following WDSF Presidium members with a mandate for a 4 years term:


  • Shawn Tay - WDSF President (Singapore)
  • Tony Tilenni – WDSF 1st Vice-President and WDSF Vice-President for Finance (Australia)
  • Nenad Jeftic – WDSF Vice-President for Sport (Serbia)
  • Dr. Marc-Férdéric Schäfer – WDSF Vice-President for Legal Affairs (Switzerland)
  • Antoni Czyzyk - WDSF Vice-President for Development (Poland)
  • Jeffrey van Meerkerk – WDSF Vice-President for Communications (Netherlands)
  • Vasile Gliga - WDSF Vice-President for Marketing (Romania)
  • Patricia Goh – WDSF Ordinary Presidium Member (Canada)
  • Charles Ferreira – WDSF Ordinary Presidium Member (France)
  • Boris Odikadze – WDSF Ordinary Presidium Member (Israel)


The Presidium is completed by the other current members of the WDSF Presidium: 


  • Ashli Williamson – Chair of the WDSF Athlete Commission and WDSF Presidium Member (Denmark)
  • Verena Sulek – Director of the WDSF Professional Division and WDSF Presidium Member (Slovenia)
  • Miriam Kerpan- Izak - President of the WRRC and WDSF Presidium Member (Slovenia)
  • Lukas Hinder – WDSF Honorary Life President and WDSF Presidium Member (Switzerland)
  • Rudolf Baumann – WDSF Honorary Life President and WDSF Presidium Member (Switzerland)


On 26th of July, the morning after the elections WDSF President Shawn Tay called for an informal Presidium meeting to welcome all new Presidium members. 


More updates on the work of the WDSF Presidium, the commissions and working groups will be published on the WDSF website soon.