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  • Let´s shuffle! 

    Already miss the competition mood? Here it comes! Everyone´s invited!

    26/03/2020 read more ...
  • YOU DID IT! #DontStopDancing spread all over the World!

    We receive more and more! We are alive and active!

    24/03/2020 read more ...
  • message from the world dancesport federation

    Information concerning the AGM in Belgrade has been sent to members.

    18/03/2020 read more ...
  • challenge to all of us: #dontstopdancing !

    #DontStopDancing AT HOME! We are sure that most of you did not!

    15/03/2020 read more ...
  • Changes in competition calendar due to coronavirus

    Due to exceptional circumstances related to the coronavirus outbreak many organisers are forced to postpone the events to a later date (still to be defined).

    10/03/2020 read more ...
  • Wdsf events affected by coronavirus

    Many of the WDSF competitions are affected due to the corona virus epidemic in some geographic areas. Follow the updates!

    06/03/2020 read more ...

#DontStopDancing is here! 15/03/2020

man at home

Challenge for all of us: stay home, safe from corona, and spread #DontStopDancing!

Sometimes we might dream that the world stops for a moment. But when it really happens, we wanted it to be stopped in a different way - or maybe not to happen at all...

This weekend most of us realised, that in order to protect ourselves and others, and to have the possibility to continue our la vita bella, we have to stay at home at least for a couple weeks. At first we were shocked: we dance and travel, learn and teach, practice and compete, share our passion with others all over the world! Is it possible to live without going to studio? But - if your desire is real and great, if the passion is true – you will always find a way to Dance!

So, #DontStopDancing AT HOME! We are sure that most of you did not! Just record your dancing for 15 seconds, put hashtags #DontStopDancing, #WeAreDanceSport, #WDSF and share the video of your dance on Facebook, Instagram or we highly recommend TikTok (download here and add the music you like without copyright issues)!

Let’s inspire the world, let’s make it brighter on these days! Because #WeAreDanceSport, because our purpose is to make the world better. Despite who you are, this is the task for everybody! For champs and beginners! Do not hesitate – spread the virus #DontStopDancing on the Internet, put hashtags – that way we find will you! Good emotions are the best medicine for your immunity. Only 15 seconds of your dancing at home and the world is healthier.

Thank you Jakub Lipowski for starting. Who is next?

#DontStopDancing #WeAreDanceSport #WDSF

Check out Jakub´s and Astrid´s best moves - while cooking and cleaning! Thanks for beginning, we are excited to get LOTS more :)