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First WDSF European Champions in Breaking crowned in Sochi! 27/06/2021

Looking back at the great first day of the WDSF European Breaking Championships organised by FDSARR.

56 B-Boys and 39 B-Girls from 30 countries in Europe arrived in Sochi, eager to battle to their fullest potential.

FDSARR team had designed an amazing outside arena where all battles took place, providing an excellent urban scene and atmosphere for all Breakers, judges, and audience. 

The atmosphere got more and more exciting towards the end of the evening when the last finals were danced. 

Congratulations to the gold medalists and winners of the  1st WDSF European Breaking Championships, both coming from Russia: B-Girl Kastet and B-Boy Kosto. Well done! 

We look forward to today's Crew Battles 5 vs 5 which will start at 17.00 hrs CET, 6pm Russian Time. 

Stay tuned & follow our BreakingForGold Instagram and WDSF Breaking for Gold Facebook pages. 


Photos credits @russiandancephoto