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  • DanceSport World reunited in Stuttgart 


    The beautifully organized German Open Championships 2022 served as a platform for reunions, and long-awaited head-to-heads on different dance floors of the venue complex.

    15/08/2022 read more ...
  • WDSF Launches Breaking Qualification
    Events for Paris 2024

    The Olympic qualifying period for Breaking at the Olympic Games Paris 2024 is now under way, with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) having approved the timeframe of July 2022-June 2024.

    10/08/2022 read more ...
  • The Athletes Commission European representative election

    The election will be held from 11 August to 13 August at the German Open Championships.

    08/08/2022 read more ...
  • Road to Paris 2024

    Following the online information session held on 4th Aug 2022 we are publishing the qualification system.

    05/08/2022 read more ...
  • Electing the European representative

    The Athletes Commission is having an election for a new European representative. Find out all about who the candidates are and how to vote.

    23/07/2022 read more ...
  • Only Clean Moves on the Dance Floor

    The WDSF has entered a partnership with the International Testing Agency (ITA) and delegated its clean sport program to the independent anti-doping organisation.

    21/07/2022 read more ...

2021 World Formation Latin, Bremen / GER 18/12/2021

Grün-Gold-Club Bremen / Germany set the stage for the 2021 WDSF World Championship Formation Latin on Saturday, 18th Devember in Bremen. The organizer and the formation teams and the visitors were very lucky that this major event had not been cancelled because of Corona situation.

Only 2 week before the WDSF World Championship Formation Standard in Braunschweig was cancelled only two days before the event. This was more than awful for the organizer, the formation teams, who had prepared for months for this championship, and for the visitors in Braunschweig.

Bremen was lucky to welcome 13 formation teams from 9 countries. We saw wonderful shows of formation latin dancing. A really great event. And the results ...

1st place:   Grün-Gold-Club Bremen / GER
2nd place:  Vera Tyumen Latin Team / FDSARR
3rd place:  DUET-A Perm / FDSARR
4th place:  TSG Bremerhaven / GER
5th place:  HSV Zwölfaxing A-Team / AUT
6th place:  Moon Dance / MGL
7th place: TSC Schwarz Gold A-Team / AUT

Photo by Volker Hey