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Dream of teleportation: best videos and lessons are coming to your home! 05/04/2020

When Covid-19 crisis started, the expectation was to minimize changes for the future. Finally, we realized that life will never be exactly the same again. It is possible to use Online methods also for DanceSport!

#DontStopDancing challenge proved that dancing community is moving fast to find all possible ways to continue with their passion and work.

You accepted the challenge and even developed it! Jive challenge, DanceAnywhere challenge, DanceInBlind challenge, DancingToiletPaper challenge...

And that is not all! Teachers and coaches are also changing their ways of working. We carried out a small survey and found out that basically every dance club all over the world is organizing lessons Online: live or pre-recorded videos. Trainings of the first weeks of the quarantine were soft and orientated to physical preparation – the purpose was to stay in good shape and in good mood. Now it becomes more and more serious: teachers are offering group lessons as well as private lessons.

It is great, that also our top couples feel the need to help. They share experience Online with followers, they prepare lessons for national federations, they support and teach – we all are together on the same wave!

Just to show you one example, here you can learn Paso Doble with Marius and Kristina: 

Qh8X6NOBxoo|Paso Doble with Marius and Kristina

We discovered that we didn´t even know how creative we actually are! More and more interesting topics appeared about how to express all power of your dancing in a small space, how to become more artistic, how to use mental methods to improve your dancing. Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll  organised a competition for young ones: young dancers are invited to participate in a competition of T-shirt design dedicated for dancing (very qualified adjudicators will judge, including World Champions Dmitri, Olga, Armen and Svetlana).

Many national federations were caught by Covid-19 on the preparation for their National Championships and they knew how the dancers were dedicated to their preparation process. To maintain inspiration and support their communities, member federations started interesting activities: top couples and clubs were invited to prepare Online lessons for all (Austria, France, Lithuania, Romania, Spain...), prepared list of clubs, where dancers could take Online lessons (Australia), inspiring people with popular lessons for salsa, breaking, boogie woogie (Norway) and some taste of West Coast swing (USA)... And there is a lot more! Every day we find something new and exciting, which keeps the spirits up and helps you to develop your dancing.

It is important to mention, that people working in DanceSport industry are also deeply involved. Best designers of spectacular dancing costumes are sewing protective clothing and masks for doctors and nurses at the moment. We are very proud and happy about that!

WDSF wants to collaborate and join forces with all of you, so free catalogue in DanceSport Total has been extended! Find more than 100 titles from premium competitions! Enjoy at home!

srCANhMwp3o|DST Free Premium content

#DontStopDancing #DanceSportTotal #WeAreDanceSport

And the Lithuanian way for Online lessons - enjoy!

9lGCIntPWBQ|LDSF Lessons!