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  • The fifth World title for Dmitry and Olga

    Another page was written to the history books, as Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova (RUS) secured their fifth World title, and the first one in WDSF Professional Division in Leipzig on Saturday.

    21/10/2019 read more ...
  • Live from...

    Two World title events this weekend as the 2019 WDSF PD World Championship Standard takes place in Leipzig (GER) and the 2019 WDSF World Championship Youth Ten Dance is in programme in Kyiv (UKR).

    18/10/2019 read more ...
  • The new Sports Series launched in Singapore

    Singapore hosted the first WDSF Sports Series event on August 24th 2019 under the title of WDSF Asia Sports Series Games Qualifiers.

    16/10/2019 read more ...
  • Three WDSF title events

    Bilbao (ESP) and Chisinau (MDA) hosted three WDSF title events in four days.

    14/10/2019 read more ...
  • The fourth European title for Dmitry and Olga

    After their successful debut in the Professional Division in August, Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova (RUS) started the 2019 WDSF PD European Championship as the favourites for the title.

    14/10/2019 read more ...
  • WDSF and WDSF PD titles up for grabs

    Another busy weekend ahead as the 2019 WDSF PD European Championship Standard, two WDSF World Championships and the 2019 WDSF European Championship Youth Standard highlight the following four days.

    11/10/2019 read more ...

New World Champions were crowned on four locations 07/10/2019

2019 WDSF World Champions Disco Dance Solo Belgrade (SRB) © Egli

The weekend of four World Championship events started with huge energy on Friday as the 2019 WDSF World Championship Disco Dance was competed in Belgrade (SRB). The day was filled with powerful and energetic music, and dancing which included fast arm movements, jumps and hair-whipping. At the end of the day Belexpocentar cheered as the names of the Champions were announced. The 2019 WDSF World Disco Dance Duo titles went to Ellen Dupon and Manon Galle (BEL) in Youth, and Agnes Holmback-Svensson and Natalie Forsberg (SWE) in Adult.

The exciting prize presentation ceremony continued with announcements of the 2019 WDSF World Disco Dance Solo Champions: Melvin Olofson (SWE) in Youth and Femke Goovaerts (BEL) in Adults. We met Femke some weeks before the event, and you can read about her thoughts and expectations, and her philosophy on Disco Dance here. The winner's interview with her is below.

Ostrava (CZE) hosted the 2019 WDSF World Championship Senior I Latin on Saturday. The World Ranking number ones and the reigning World Champions Georgy Osadchy - Tatiana Nikolaeva (RUS) continued on their golden path, and secured their second World title by winning three of the five dances in the final. The Italians Umberto Abbatangelo - Luna Indriolo had a good day, and by winning two of the five dances in the final they were very close to the World title. This time they were awarded the Silver medals. Gerard Perez Raventos - Eva Krejcirova (ESP) won the Bronze as they were ranked to the third place in all dances.

Toronto (CAN) hosted the 2019 WDSF World Championship Senior II Standard on Saturday. Thorsten Zirm - Sonja Schwarz (GER) won their first World title clearly, by winning all five dances. Just as clear was the ranking for the runners-up, as Canada’s own Horace Fenghua Hu - Agnes Xiaoguang Yuan were ranked second in all dances. Slawek Lukawczyk - Janine-Nicole Desai (ENG) won the Bronze.

Czech Republic hosted also another World title event as the 2019 WRRC World Championship Rock’n’Roll Formations were competed in Prague on Saturday. The Ladies Formation The Szupergirls (HUN) and the Girls Formation Party Team (HUN) continued where they left off after the European Championship a week ago, and took home the 2019 World Championship titles aswell. In World Cup Rock’n’Roll Main Class Free Style the winners were Ivan Kudryashov – Margarita Charkovskaya (RUS). Mary Delatorre – Ophélie Portillo (FRA) won the World Cup in Juniors.

In other, non-title events of the weekend, the WDSF World Open New Series in Belgrade (SRB) winners were Francesco Galuppo – Debora Pacini (ITA) in Standard and Marius-Andrei Balan – Khrystyna Moshenska (GER) in Latin. Konstantin Gorodilov – Dominika Bergmannova (EST) won the WDSF World Open Latin, and Maxim Sitkin - Svetlana Karpova (RUS) won the WDSF International Open Standard in Ostrava (CZE).

The WDSF International Open competitions in Bucharest (ROU) were won by the home couples, as Stefan Grigore – Laura Filipescu (ROU) won Latin, and Rares Cojoc – Andreea Matei (ROU) won the Standard. Erekle Girgvliani - Lele Khutsishvili (GEO) won the WDSF International Open Latin in Kaunas (LTU). Egor Starchenko - Daria Rodina (RUS) won the WDSF Open Standard and Raffaello Brancato - Alexandra Koldan (ITA) won the WDSF Open Latin in Hanoi (VIE). Aliaksandr Rybakou - Madeleine Mravkarov (USA) won the WDSF Youth Open Standard, and Alessandro Scalora - Sofia Ward (USA) won both the WDSF Youth Open Latin and Ten Dance in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA).

One busy weekend behind and another one coming up in a few days, as the 2019 WDSF World Championship Senior III Standard and World Championship U21 Standard will take place in Bilbao (ESP), and the 2019 WDSF European Championship Youth Standard and the 2019 WDSF PD European Championship Standard will take place in Chisinau (MDA). These four title competitions in addition to the WDSF World Open in Elblag (POL) and WDSF International Open in Adana (TUR) will make sure DanceSport will be in the spotlight also this week.

2019 WDSF World Disco Dance Solo Champion Femke Goovaerts (BEL):

cim_5Gnejto|2019 WDSF World Disco Dance Winner - Femke Goovaerts (BEL)