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  • The highly anticipated WDSF GrandSlam Series will resume this year

    We can’t wait to get back to normal again, where the world’s most talented couples will grace our dancefloors, competing for titles and inspiring countless others in the process.

    25/04/2022 read more ...
  • WDSF Vice-President for Legal Affairs election

    During the next AGM (12 June 2022) an election for the position of the Vice-President for Legal Affairs must be held. See what the requirements are.

    20/04/2022 read more ...
  • The Grand Slam of the next three Olympic Games

    The final decision of new sports for LA28 should be made by the first two quarters of 2023.

    13/04/2022 read more ...
  • New decision - World Open New Series in 2022

    The minimum entries for World Open New Series is now 36 couples from 10 countries, instead of 42.

    02/04/2022 read more ...
  • IWGA Decision on Mixed-Nationality Couples for TWG

    IWGA informed WDSF on their decision that mixed-nationality couples will be allowed to compete in Birmingham.

    23/03/2022 read more ...
  • Give peace a chance

    The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) once again offers its full support to the letter “Give peace a chance” signed by the IOC President Mr. Thomas Bach.

    12/03/2022 read more ...

Paris 2024, LosAngeles28, & Brisbane32 – The Grand Slam of the next three Olympic Games 13/04/2022

Olympics Paris,LA, Brisbane I can confirm that WDSF’s LA28 Committee, consisting of representatives of WDSF’s French, US and Australian member bodies, met again on April 8th to discuss advice provided in a recent letter from LA28 Organising Committee and the IOC Sports Director. The advice relates to the process for sports seeking to participate in the medal program of the Olympic Games of LA28.

Put simply, there is a timeline later this year, and some sports will be invited to prepare and present a submission for inclusion into LA28. The final decision of new sports for LA28 should be made by the first two quarters of 2023.

The Federations & sports already in the Program and potential new invited Federations & sports, must comply with a range of principles as communicated in the letter. The principles from the letter were adopted as part of the Olympic Charter and Agenda 2020+5, the IOC Executive Board, and the recommendation of the Olympic Program Commission and include:

Cost and complexity

Optimize the sports programme, including any new sports, disciplines and events, to identify further venue and operational efficiencies and achieve a neutral result of programme economics.

The overall athlete quota is maintained at 10,500 (including new sports).

Best athletes and athlete safety

The programme endeavours to engage the best athletes and ensures the motivation of current and emerging generations of best athletes to compete at the Olympic Games.

The programme aids in optimizing the physical and mental protection of athletes and endorses ongoing monitoring by IFs.

Popularity and host country interest

The sports, disciplines and events on the programme strengthen engagement and broadcast / digital audiences both internationally and within the U.S.

Uniqueness, universality, gender equality and relevance for youth

The programme excites and engages a young global audience, while respecting tradition and demonstrating that sport is for all.

50 percent female participation across the Games at quota, discipline and event level, where possible.

Integrity and fairness

The programme supports comprehensive and independent anti-doping programmes that effectively protect clean athletes.

IFs to strengthen the prevention of competition manipulation by increasing awareness and education and enhancing refereeing and judging systems.

IFs to comply with the “Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance”.

Environmental sustainability

The programme protects and enhances the environment and fosters long-term sustainability.

In our opinion, with adequate funding WDSF and Breaking can very strongly meet each of the above principles which are and will be further detailed to Olympic Federations.

The letter also provides a timeline for the process between May and July this year.  However, we have been advised that the process has been delayed and so the timeline will need to be updated.  We will provide updated details after we receive them.

If WDSF is invited to be part of this process by LA28 and the IOC, we have confidence in the merits of including Breaking into LA28. However, let us not believe that this will be simple or realistic to achieve.

WDSF has already achieved the impossible as a result of the strong support of the IOC and Paris24 for the inclusion of Breaking in the Paris24 Olympic Games. We now need to work hard to succeed in getting LA28 and the IOC to support the inclusion of Breaking into LA28 and eventually into Brisbane32.

To succeed, I have no doubt that we all need to present the strongest unified position with the entire DanceSport/Breaking communities. WDSF provides the principled sports organisation, administration & IOC compliant structure including being WADA Anti-Doping compliant to reach the Olympic Games, and the Breaking athletes and community benefit from over 65 years of existence of WDSF, and the recognition of 78 of 94 WDSF’s national member bodies by National Olympic Committees.

WDSF urges all athletes, officials and members to stay united to strongly support keeping the door open for the continued inclusion of Breaking in the Games which will benefit all athletes, all disciplines and all member bodies.

Tony Tilenni,
WDSF 1st Vice-President