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  • Important Notification to all athletes

    WDSF Presidium letter to all athletes about their status in ranking lists.

    28/11/2020 read more ...
  • Back to the Future with B-boy Bumblebee

    YOG gold medalist looks back at Buenos Aires 2018 ahead of Paris 2024 decision.

    23/11/2020 read more ...
  • Spanish NMB Provides Hope to Dancers in Trying Times

    "The dancers need to dance and competitors need to compete," says FEBD President.

    16/11/2020 read more ...
  • Breaking Finds Its Footing in Finnish DanceSport Scene

    Finnish DanceSport Federation throws support behind local association.

    12/11/2020 read more ...
  • Statement from WDSF VP for Sport Nenad Jeftic

    Round of applause for French, Slovak NMBs for tremendous effort put into cancelled events.

    03/11/2020 read more ...
  • The Evolution of SeƱorita Carlota

    French b-girl moving from strength to strength after Youth Olympic Games.

    03/11/2020 read more ...

TWG Athlete of the Month - Bumblebee! 02/11/2020

Bumblebee is the first ever men´s Youth Olympic Breaking Champion in 2018, when Breaking was featuring in YOG in Buenos Aires (ARG) in 2018. In mixed-gender competition, he took bronze with Ella (AUT).

Bumblebee started his sportive career already at the age of 4: his first discipline was gymnastics. He changed to Breaking at the age of 8, and this naturally brought a smile on his father´s lips, as his father had been a Breaking teacher since early 1990´s.

He got his b-boy name from Transformers: instead of taking the first option “Optimus Prime”, he chose the name of the friendly robot, Bumblebee.

In TWG interview, Bumblebee explains about the lockdown:

“I think everyone needed a big pause. All events stopped... I mean all the live events because there were a lot of online ones. I think it was for everyone's benefit. If I speak about myself, I was constantly on the move. But you don't develop yourself when you are going places all the time, you just show the material that you already have. Sometimes you need to stop, to realise that you have the time to rethink something and to sit in the workshop and create something there. That's actually why I have a change of approach now. I just had the time.”

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We congratulate Sergey a.k.a Bumblebee for this nomination and wish all the best of luck and success in future endeavors!