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  • Being young and talented - what a joy!

    World Championship Under 21 Std from Timisoara on Saturday 20th Oct!

    17/10/2018 read more ...
  • World Senior I have their turn in Miami, USA

    The championship will be part of the American DanceSport Festival, in a beautiful location in Miami, FL where also WRRC Main Class competitions wil be held.

    12/10/2018 read more ...

    B-girl RAM (JPN) and B-Boy B4 (VIE) battled through the gold medal at the youth olympic games in the breaking mixed team battles.

    12/10/2018 read more ...
  • IOC President enjoying dancesport at the youth olympic games

    Fantastic mixed team battles competitions at the Urban Park in Buenos Aires for the 3rd day of Breaking Competitions. 

    11/10/2018 read more ...
  • First Youth Olympic Champions in Dancesport

    “I’m just happy when I’m dancing - it’s a happy thing,”

    09/10/2018 read more ...
  • WDSF's Olympic debut an unmitigated success

    What an amazing 1st day of Breaking competitions at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires (ARG).

    08/10/2018 read more ...

Thank You, Tommy! 20/01/2018

Tommy Shaughnessy © Roland At its meeting held one year ago in Barcelona, ESP, the WDSF Presidium voted unanimously to install Thomas "Tommy" Shaughnessy to the newly-created employment position of Sports Director. In order to fill his new role, Tommy committed to take on an enormous workload from one day to the next and to convert the living room of his house in Dublin, IRL, into the global hub for all sports matters of WDSF.

When Tommy had to undergo emergency treatment following a breakdown during the German Open Championships in Stuttgart, there were many who brought this in the context of stress brought about by his new professional assignment. Even though he recovered rapidly and was back on the job only two weeks later, Tommy eventually decided to reduce the levels of stress by presenting his resignation to members of the Presidium on 12 January 2018.

Today's Presidium meeting in Bucharest, ROU, acknowledged the significant contributions made by Tommy over the past year by rising for a standing ovation. WDSF President Lukas Hinder will contact  him to convey the sincerest thanks on behalf of WDSF and its executive.