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  • Live from Brno CZE!

    Live at

    16/09/2021 read more ...
  • Breaking to feature at 2023 European Games

    16 b-girls, 16 b-boys to compete in 1vs1 battles for gold, silver and bronze!

    06/09/2021 read more ...
  • Re-launch of the Ranking System from September 1st 2021.

    As we are slowly getting back to normal and more people are being able to travel internationally the WDSF competition calendar for the remainder of 2021fills with many regular WDSF competitions and WDSF title events.

    02/09/2021 read more ...
  • 2021 WDSF PD European Latin in Kosice / Slovakia

    Kirill Kolpashchikov - Julia Remizova from Russian Federation win the title

    01/09/2021 read more ...
  • DanceSport community is celebrating the restart of competitions

    On 28th and 29th of August the Dutch National DanceSport Federation, NADB, organised the 2021 WDSF World Championships in both the Senior 1 Latin and Senior 2 Standard categories.

    31/08/2021 read more ...
  • 2021 WDSF World Breaking Ch. date and location

    WDSF is pleased to inform everybody about the new place and date for the 2021 WDSF World Breaking Championship.

    23/08/2021 read more ...

WDSF Professional Division first ever online elective AGM 02/08/2021

On Sunday 1st August 2021 the WDSF Professional Division (WDSF PD) hosted the first ever online elective Annual General Meeting (AGM). WDSF PD used the Zoom application to facilitate the 2021 online AGM and elections. 


As per decision of the WDSF PD Presidium Management Board (WDSF PD MB) the wider public was invited to follow the discussions and elections via live stream broadcasted on WDSF’s DanceSport Total Youtube channel. 


In total, 41 WDSF PD members were present during this AGM, exercising 82 votes. The voting delegates elected the following WDSF PD Presidium MB members with a mandate for a 4 years term:

•             Verena Sulek (Slovenia) as PD Director.

•             Davide Cacciari (Italy)

•             Timo Kulczak (Germany)

•             Alexander Melnikov (Russia)

•             Mircea Gavrila (Romania)


Ms Verena Sulek, who was re-elected with the high support of 95% of all votes, said after the elections:

“I find it important and positive that two PD Board members are re-elected and 2 are new. This assures the continuity on one side and brings fresh perspectives on the other hand. I am also glad that the elected members are representing the countries with the highest number of couples and with the most distinguished organisers of PD Championships and Super Grand Prix competitions. This encourages me in my belief that during our next 4-year term the PD can help transform and upgrade the whole WDSF competition system, including the PD. Inside the WDSF system we should pay more attention to the succession planning of all couples during their active careers. This will bring them personal growth, competitive success and better planned career development. It will also accelerate a more natural flow of the couples through the system. We see many good and talented couples continue too long in WDSF General Division, missing out on the opportunity to advance and expand their careers in PD”.