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Suspension of Mr Eduard Korotin, EST, as Adjudicator 04/09/2016

Mr Shawn Tay, the General Secretary of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), advises Mr Eduard Korotin, a WDSF Ajudicator from Estonia, in a personal letter of the outcome of a vote taken by the members of the WDSF Presidium on 2 September 2016 regarding a two-part motion that was presented to them on 29 August 2016. Here is the full text of the resolution that was adopted unanimously. 

4 September 2016


Re:    2016 German Open Championships 

Following receipt of a complaint laid against Mr Eduard Korotin, WDSF Adjudicator “A” and WDSF Adjudicator (PD), of Estonia, by WDSF Sports Director Marco Sietas, with respect to Mr Korotin’s actions on August 10, 2016, while he was adjudicating or obliged to adjudicate the WDSF Youth Open Standard competition at the recent 2016 German Open Championships in Stuttgart, Germany, the WDSF Presidium has voted unanimously pursuant to parts Y and Z of the WDSF Competition Rules and under the WDSF Adjudicators’ Code of Conduct And Standards of Ethics (“the Code”), or any of them:

1.  to suspend all of Mr. Korotin’s privileges as an WDSF “A” Adjudicator and PD Adjudicator for SIX (6) MONTHS commencing September 2, 2016, and

2. that such suspension shall not in any way preclude the Presidium from:  any further investigations into the facts surrounding this matter, including investigations which have already begun and are ongoing;  making further findings with respect thereto;  taking further action against Mr. Korotin and possibly others with respect to such further findings thereafter, including any further findings which the Presidium may decide increase the importance and effect of the breaches already described above;  or any of them.


Shawn Tay

WDSF General Secretary