Antonis Antoniou

General information

Member Id number (MIN)
Member of
Cyprus Federation of Social and Sport Dance

Adjudicator "A"

Status: Active
Division: General
Disciplines: Standard, Latin, Standard, Absolute Judging System, Wheelchair, Formation, Showdance
Issued on: 12 November 2014
Education expires on :14 March 2023

+ 357 99 62 78 15

Competition history

Task Date Event Competitions Location
Adjudicator 15 December 2019 WDSF Open Standard Junior II   Paphos, Cyprus
Adjudicator 14 April 2019 WDSF Open Standard Senior IV   Standard Senior III   Latin Youth   Paphos, Cyprus
Adjudicator 26 May 2018 WDSF Open Latin Junior   Standard Junior   Latin Youth   Standard Youth   Standard Adult   Larissa, Greece
Adjudicator 26 May 2018 WDSF International Open Latin Adult   Larissa, Greece
Adjudicator 21 May 2017 WDSF Open Latin Junior II   Latin Youth   Paphos, Cyprus
Adjudicator 26 November 2016 WDSF Open Latin Youth   Standard Youth   Latin Adult   Standard Adult   Yambol, Bulgaria
Adjudicator 09 October 2016 WDSF Open Latin Youth   Limassol, Cyprus
Adjudicator 17 - 18 September 2016 WDSF Open Ten Dance Juvenile II   Standard Juvenile II   Standard Juvenile I   Standard Senior IV   Latin Junior I   Standard Youth   Latin Juvenile II   Standard Senior III   Standard Junior II   Standard Junior I   Latin Youth   Novalja, Croatia