Athletes' Obligations

Obligations of Athletes Under the WDSF Anti-Doping Rules

Under the terms of the WDSF Anti-Doping Code and the World Anti-Doping Code, all athletes in DanceSport are required to assume certain obligations. In essence, all athletes must

  • Be knowledgeable of and comply with all anti-doping policies and rules applicable to them, namely the Codes, the rules, the policies and regulations of WDSF, their national federations and National Anti-Doping Organisations;
  • Take responsibility, in the context of anti-doping, for what they ingest and use; and
  • Inform medical personnel of their obligation not to use Prohibited Substances and Methods, and to take responsibility to make sure that any medical treatment received does not violate the anti-doping policies and rules applicable to them.

All athletes are required to carefully study the document WDSF Anti-Doping Obligations with the full list of obligations as compiled by the WDSF  Anti-Doping Director.

Further information on obligations and rights of athletes is found in the WADA Athlete Guide (below). 

WADA has also produced a 5-minute video outlining athlete rights and responsibilities in the doping control process.

An online quiz, created by WADA to put the anti-doping knowledge of athletes to a test, can be accessed here. The Questions & Answers section on a wide range of topics promotes better understanding of technical areas in anti-doping from the WADA website.


Athletes' Anti-Doping Obligations