Doping Control Statistics

WDSF Anti-Doping Reports & WADA Statistical Reports

WDSF is required to publish, at least annually, a general report of its doping control activities and to provide a copy to WADA. This is done by the IDSF Anti-Doping Director.

WADA, acting as the central clearinghouse for all doping control testing data, then compiles an annual statistical report that summarises the information provided by all Anti-Doping Organisations.


2010 AGM Report by IDSF Anti-Doping Director
2009 AGM Report by IDSF Anti-Doping Director
WADA 2009 ADO Statistics
WADA 2009 ADO Statistics October 2009
WADA 2009 OOC Testing Statistics
WADA 2008 ADO Statistics
WADA 2003 - 2007 Statistics