A/B License requirements

Conditions for the application of a WDSF Adjudicators class "B" license

  1. Over 21 years of age.
  2. Holder of a National Adjudicator License for a minimum of 2 years with experience judging minimum of 6 National Championships/competitions on different days under the supervision of the National Body.
  3. Must have passed an exam conducted by WDSF Licensed Examiner in the Technique of Standard and Latin American dances (WDSF Syllabus) or passed WDSF Trainers Technical Conversion Course.
  4. Must be a former (retired) DanceSport competitor, competed in all 5 dances in Standard or Latin or both.
  5. Must have an active knowledge of the English Language.
  6. With the application form you have to send in your Curriculum Vitae (CV), that has to include:
    1. Formal education
    2. Dance experience as competitor, trainer, adjudicator, lecturer, etc.
    3. Education (academic, examinations, seminars, congresses)
    4. Technical Certification for Latin and Standard, where it is clearly visible who is the examining organization
  7. Must have successfully completed two Congresses (not more than 18 months apart) with a pass in the General Knowledge Test and the entrance English Comprehension test. The last congress attended must not be more than 12 months from the date of the application.
  8. Physically fit to perform the duties of WDSF Adjudicator.
  9. Application must be submitted by WDSF National Member Body.

Conditions for the application of a WDSF Adjudicators class "A" license

  1. Must be a holder of WDSF Adjudicator's Class "B" license for a minimum of 1 year excluding any period of suspension if any.
  2. Must have judged not fewer than 5 WDSF Open (World Ranking Tournament) competitions, with each minimum 2 weeks apart.
  3. Must have successfully attended the "WDSF AJS Methods of Judging and Assessment" and passed the course examinations.