2020 Vision WDSG 2013 DanceSport has undergone significant change over recent years. From the rather narrow self-perception as competitive ballroom dancing in two styles, it has arrived at a new and much broader identity. Today, DanceSport is an all-encompassing brand.

Made up of a multitude of diverse dance styles and with a much larger participant base, modern DanceSport has its responsibilities and its opportunities in the area of communication multiplied too. Consistent with this, WDSF seeks to convey a message of inclusivity through the channels it has available. The WDSF World DanceSport Games 2013 Kaohsiung provided for one of the best opportunities yet to have the message resound internationally.

GrandSlam TV

Through its websites, the social media as well as through broadcasting in all of its forms, WDSF is capabale of reaching massive audiences worldwide. In recent years it has assumed a much more proactive role in shaping as well as delivering the messages that go out, and it has been able to forge alliances with a number of strong media partners.

Over the years to come, WDSF shall step up efforts in producing coverage on the premier events (GrandSlam Series, World and Continental Championships, World DanceSport Games, etc.) together with broadcasters in the host countries, and in creating digital content for all of its online platforms. Through its DanceSport Academy and publishing initiatives associated with the latter, WDSF aspires to foster DanceSport's development by disseminating information to dancers at all levels.