Good Governance 2020 Vision Efforts are made as part of the 2020 VISION process to further raise the standards of governance around the principle of inclusiveness in the representation of the stakeholders as well as around the norms for ethical conduct of the latter.

A new Code of Ethics and the installation of an Ethics Commission are assigned highest priority among the 2020 VISION objectives. Both should be fully attained by the end of 2014. Improvements to the mechanisms of internal dispute resolution are called for in order to make WDSF compliant with all the requirements for federations that are recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

Highest Ethical Standards The criteria of what constitutes competition fixing in DanceSport must be updated and a zero tolerance policy needs to be adopted. Members of the 2020 VISION task force will draft the corresponding policy papers and identify measures to actively combat competition fixing in all of its forms.

Several different groups of people are closely associated with the athletes who practise DanceSport and who compete at all levels in the WDSF competition system. Parents, trainers, coaches, agents, sponsors and many others have considerable influence on the athletes and their welfare. The 2020 VISION task force sets out to provide the members of the athletes' entourage with a basic set of guidelines for their conduct. The Entourage Commission is installed to assist WDSF with the enforcement of the latter and to give these groups a voice within WDSF structures.

The ongoing fight against doping in DanceSport and the extension of a solid representation of the athletes in governance at the national level are just two of the other key objectives pursued as part of the 2020 VISION process.