16 August - Stuttgart, GER © Roland

Coming Soon!

The release of the on-demand programme on the 2014 GrandSlam Standard in Stuttgart is scheduled for 23 August. Watch it for merely US$ 2.95!

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2017 Santa Marta, COL

Bolivarian Games

DanceSport is set to make its first appearance in the Bolivarian Games, a multi-sport event that is open to athletes from 11 South American nations.

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DanceSport Europe © GOC/DTV

Founding Assembly

DanceSport Europe, what will become a new continental association within the structures of WDSF, was founded on 16 August in Stuttgart, GER. 

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Guillaume Schmitt - Elena Salikhova, FRA © Roland

Coming Soon!

The release of the first of the two on-demand programmes on the 2014 GrandSlam leg in Stuttgart is scheduled for later today: GrandSlam Latin!

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16 August - Stuttgart, GER © Roland

The Stuttgart Wrap

Five days of the German Open and four top-level WDSF competitions are all packed into a bigger than normal package of high-quality digital coverage. 

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WDSF PD Super GrandPrix Standard © Roland, Puigbert

Live from Stuttgart, GER

Starting from Saturday 9 August, a full-force WDSF Communications team reports from what will be the world capital of DanceSport for a week!

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Do your dance © Roland, Puigbert

How To Enjoy ...

The release of the first fee-based content is just hours away. Here are pointers on how to buy "Do your dance - The First World DanceSport Games." 

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2014 GrandSlam Standard Stuttgart | The Final Trailer


Semi-final and final of the 2014 GrandSlam Standard Stuttgart are available exclusively through DanceSport Total Plus. On demand at US$ 2.95!

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