60th Anniversary Russian DanceSport

60th Anniversary

Across all the usual divides and party lines, the whole of the Russian DanceSport community celebrated the 60th anniversary of dance as sport. More than 500 guests attended the festivities at the Kremlin in Moscow.

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2017 Baltic Grand Prix

Day Two in Riga, LAT

A live stream is available from the Baltic Grand Prix today as well. A World Open Standard, a Youth Open Latin and several Opens in Junior and Senior are scheduled. Watch all of it here!

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Baltic Cup

2017 World Youth STD Live

Watch the live stream of the 2017 World DanceSport Championship Youth Standard LIVE from Riga, LAT. A top-quality straume lmt production bringing you coverage from the Baltic Grand Prix, incl, an International Open Latin.

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2017 GrandSlam Latin Final

The Latin Showdown In Shanghai

The Vimeo on Demand programme covering the 2017 GrandSlam Latin Final that was danced on 9 December in Shanghai, CHN, is now available. More than two hours of top-level DanceSport: US$ 3.75 for a 6-month streaming period.

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2017 World Youth STD Riga, LAT

Live From Latvia

It is that time of the year again: the Baltic Grand Prix takes place in in Riga, LAT. This year it features the World Youth Standard and an International Open  Latin on Saturday 16 December. The live transmission will start at 13:30 UTC!

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Danssport Vlaanderen

Get The Boys To Japan!

Two organisations join forces to raise funds for the three Belgian b-boys who qualified to dance at the 2018 World Youth Breaking in Kawasaki, near Tokyo, JPN. The target: 3,500 €! Close to 300 € have been raised in less than 24h!

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BAYOG Volunteer Programme

An Alternative 

There is an alternative way to secure your place in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Why not sign up as a volunteer? The Organising Committee is recruiting volunteers aged 18 and older for a variety of tasks!

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The Trailer | 2017 Grandslam Latin Final


Trailer for the Vimeo programme covering the 2017 Grandslam Latin Final danced on 9 December in Shanghai, CHN.

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