The World Games 2013 Cali © COLDEPORTES

The World Games 2017 Wroclaw

The sports programme for the tenth edition of The World Games is announced. DanceSport will feature prominently - with four disciplines!

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Vietnam Training Course 2014

Training in Hanoi, VIE  

The WDSF Membership Commission dispatches Ivan Agnellini to Hanoi for a one-week training course open to Vietnamese adjudicators and trainers.

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kaohsiung, TPE - 18 September © Roland

New Wheelchair DanceSport Events

The International Paralympic Committee changes the rulebook for Wheelchair DanceSport and creates two new events: freestyle and single!

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Aniello Langella - Khrystyna Moshenska, ITA © Roland

The Components

Four components are considered when Judging System 2.1 is used to assess the merits of a couple's dance. The scale of points ranges from 1 to 10.

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At Kiss and Cry

Judging System 2.1

Until now, the new Judging System was used only in GrandSlam plus a few other competitions. This changes with the upcoming Worlds in Adult.  

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Wuhan GrandSlam Promotion ©

Next Stop: Wuhan

One month after the GrandSlam leg in Stuttgart, GER, Latin and Standard couples travel to Wuhan, CHN, to dance in the next. It will be a premiere!  

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2014 GrandSlam Standard Stuttgart

Video on Demand

WDSF is committed to offer DanceSport enthusiasts quality content at a fair price through its new video-on-demand service. 5 programmes are available.

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