2018 GS Helsinki Adjudicators © Roland

Debriefing Frederic Mosa

Another instalment of the Adjudicators' Debriefing which Cor van der Stroet, the chair of the Adjuicators' Commission, conducted after the 2018 GrandSlam Standard was danced on 3 March in Helsinki. Frederic Mosa!

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Robert Wota © Roland

Debriefing Robert Wota

Here is our next debriefing: Adjudicator Robert Wota and the Adjudicators' Commission chair Cor van der Stroet in their "friendly discussion between experts"  the day after the 2018 GrandSlam Standard in Helsinki, FIN. 

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4 March © Egli

GrandSlam Leg Finally Added

It took time and perseverance to add the fifth of the regular legs to the 2018 WDSF GrandSlam Series. The second GrandSlam Latin and Standard of the year will be danced in Taipei City, TPE, on 30 June and 1 July. .

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The World Games 2021

More Games Talk

In her latest report filed from SportAccord in Bangkok, THA, Ashli Williamson, the Athletes' Commission chair, sums up the conversations held regarding The World Games 2021 Birmingham and GAISF's proposals for its new games.

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Pierre de Coubertin

Olympism In Action

Ashli Williamson, WDSF Athltetes' Commission chair, reports on a workshop held in Bangkok, THA, jointly between the IOC and the Association of IOC Regognised International Sports Federations, of which WDSF is a member.

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Day Two By Ashli

Ashli Williamson continues reporting from Bangkok, THA, where she attends the different meetings held in conjunction with SportAccord. With the upcoming YOG being a major topic, discussions were held with the IOC.

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SportAccord Bangkok

Ashli On Day One

Ashli Williamson, the chair of the Athletes' Commission and currently member of the WDSF delegation to SportAccord in Bangkok, THA, keeps a diary on what  she sess, hears and does at this world summit of sports and business.

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2018 GS STD Helsinki Adjudicators' Debrief | Frederic Mosa


WDSF Adjudicators' Commission Chairman Cor van der Stroet debriefs Frederic Mosa, who officiated at the 2018 GrandSlam Standard Helsinki on 3 March, in a one-on-one session held on the day following the competition.

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