2015 European Standard in Cambrils, ESP

More From Cambrils ...

In early April we reported extensively on the 2015 European Standard and Youth Latin Championships held in Cambrils, ESP. But there was more! 

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Donatas Vezelis - Lina Chatkeviciute, LTU

Professional Division Reperesentative

The WDSF Athletes' Commission takes pleasure in announcing the newly elected representative of the Professional Division: Lina Chatkeviciute. 

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2015 Asian Pacific Championship

2015 Asian Pacific Championships

The 2015 Asian Pacific DanceSport Championships were held in Shenzhen, CHN, over the past weekend. Two World Opens ran concurrently.

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2014 Chile Open

Chile At The Centre of Attention 

Over the past few days, DanceSport took centre stage in Santiago with the first Pan-American, the fourth WDSF Open and a meeting of Presidents ...

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2015 PD European Latin

2015 PD European Latin

This year's Professional Division European Latin takes place tomorrow, 23 May, in Olomouc, CZE. New champions will be crowned. Who will it be?

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2015 Tbilisi World Open LAT

2015 Tbilisi World Opens 

Ivane Kandelaki, the Vice-President of the Georgian National DanceSport Federation, reports on the two World Opens in Tbilisi, GEO, last weekend.

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2015 PD World 10D

2015 PD World 10D | The Final Instalment

Here are the last two dances that were performed by the six finalists of the 2015 PD World Ten Dance in Böblingen, GER: the Quickstep and the Jive.

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Image of Anastasia Kriukova

Anastasia Kriukova

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2015 Cambrils International Open Cambrils | The Final Reel | DanceSport Total


Final reel of the 2015 Cambrils International Open that was danced on 5 April in Cambrils, ESP.

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