14 December - Shnghai, CHN © Castanyer

DanceSport's Best in 2014 

16 different programmes, each with a duration from 70 to 100 minutes, are available from the WDSF video-on-demand platform DanceSport Total Plus!

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Goldstadtpokal © Ketterl/PZ

Pforzheim Reshuffled

Last year's winners of what is one of the most artistic trophies in DanceSport return to the floor in Pforzheim, GER: each with a new partner ...

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2015 Italian DanceSport Championships

2015 Italian Championships

The first part of the 2015 Italian DanceSport Championships was held over the past weekend. Part two gets underway tomorrow in Rimini ... 

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Don't let Adam get away!

Last Call | Final Effort

The polls are still open for you to cast your multiple votes for Aniello Langella - Khrystyna Moshenska as IWGA Athletes of 2014. Don't let up!

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Granting Stars

Granting Stars

The WDSF Sports Commission informs about the procedure that is in effect for the granting of stars to top 50 couples in World Ranking Tournaments. 

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Horsens, DEN - 13 December © Roland

2014 PD World Latin | In Review

Here are some of the dances performed by the finalists of the 2014 WDSF PD World Latin in Horsens, DEN. The recordings are courtesy of brodcaster dk4! 

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Wheelchair DanceSport © Reuters

Organisers Wanted 

IPC Wheelchair DanceSport is calling on potential organisers to come forward and to host the IPC World Wheelchair DanceSport Championships in 2015.

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Image of Jordan Saisi

Jordan Saisi

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Stepanov - Pakhmutova, RUS | 2014 PD World Latin Final Solo C


Evgeny Stepanov - Alexandra Pakhmutova, RUS, dance the Cha Cha Cha in the Final of the 2014 WDSF PD World Latin in Horsens, DEN on 13 December.

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