2013 WDSF PD World Latin © CESKA TV

Galashow s Latinou

TV audience in the Czech Republic will get to see another 'Latin Gala Show' on Saturday: this time its focus is on the WDSF PD World Showdance Latin.

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CEZ Arena Ostrava

Where The World Comes To Dance 

The CEZ Arena in Ostrava, CZE, is a regular venue for ice hockey. But over the coming weekend two World DanceSport Championships are held there.

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2014 GrandSlam Latin Wuhan © Roland

From Joining to Enjoying

Three steps need to be taken to watch the video-on-demand programmes on the 2014 GrandSlam Wuhan: join Vimeo, aqcuire for US$ 2.95 and enjoy.

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2014 GrandSlam STD Wuhan

In Time For The Weekend

The two 90-minute programmes on the 2014 GrandSlam in Wuhan, CHN, will become available for viewing from the early evening of Friday 26 September

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Brasov, ROU - 20 September © Branc

2014 WDSF PD World Ten Dance

Heidi Goetz provides a short report on the 2014 WDSF PD World DanceSport Championship Ten Dance that was held on 20 September in Brasov, ROU.

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Chengdu, CHN - 21 September

More To Come ...

Much more coverage on the events held in China and Romania over the past weekend is still to get processed and posted on the two "Live from ..." blogs.

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Standard Showdance

Take Your Pick!

Two "Live from ..." blogs offer coverage on a number of top-level DanceSport events held over the weekend. Some are held in China, others in Romania.

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2014 GrandSlam Standard Wuhan | The Final Trailer


2014 GrandSlam Standard Wuhan | The Final Trailer

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