Silverback Open - Wayne, USA

Essen, GER, On 22 October 

The second of the three WDSF Continental Qualifiers for BAYOG is coming up. Around 150 b-boys/girls from Africa and Europe will travel to Essen to take a shot at qualifying for the breaking events at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

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Boogie Magic II © BM

World Boogie Woogie Formation

Eight Boogie Woogie formations contested the world title in Marseille, FRA. The six which made it to the final tell their stories with impressive routines, great music and colourful attires. Watch them in the 30-minute highlight.

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Wilma and Victor Edlund


In Marseille, FRA, the WDSF Communications team experimented with a new format for its coverage on DanceSport: the storytelling clip! Here is one of them: Edlund siblings from Sweden explain the passion for Boogie and Bug.

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Get It From Today!

If you are up for renewal of your Athlete's ID Card, you will be among the first to get the smartphone-based e-Card from today. Eventually, each and every one of the nearly 50,000 dancers in the WDSF competition system will get it.

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WDSF e-Card

Digitally You

B-Boy Kicks from Greece is one of the very first dancers who is issued the new WDSF e-Card. It takes the place of the plastic Athlete's ID Card from October 2017, serving the exact same purposes - but digitally through a smartphone. 

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2017 AIMAG © Nurkiewicz/Laurel

Korean Day In Ashgabat

On the second day of the DanceSport competitions at the 2017 Ashgabat Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games it was Korea that dominated the field, winning three gold medals in the Latin dances. China and Khyrgystan won one each ... 

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2017 Ashgabat © Nurkiewicz/Laurel

DanceSport At The 2017 AIMAG

After two days of top-level competitions in the eleven DanceSport events that were part of the 2017 Ashgabat Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games the medals were awarded: China was once more the country with the most gold.

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