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From Sochi Through YouTube 25 February 2018 13:52

Sochi, RUS - 25 February © Roland

We have tried to put today's webcast on DanceSport Total | DST, our new streaming platform. Fact is that it is so new that we ran into some insurmountable problems between encoding and delivering the stream through Vimeo. To be on the safe side, we have now abandaoned the initial plan and resorted to YouTube.

Over the next four hours, we show you the semi-final and final of the European Youth Latin as well as the last round of the European Standard Formation ... And between these highlights you'll get to enjoy showcases.

cqBjTdXQl4w|Live from Sochi, RUS | 2018 Europeans (Youth LAT, STD Formation) | DanceSport Total

Through YouTube 25 February 2018 12:43

2018 European Youth Latin

We have a minor problem with our DST platform. Until it is resolved, we embed the player with the YouTube live stream right here!

sbH0Xl2ZjSE|Live Stream | 2018 Europeans (Youth LAT, STD Formation)

Next Up: Quarterfinal 25 February 2018 12:08

Live Webcast from Sotchi

We start the live transmission with the quarterfinal of the 2018 European Youth Latin: 24 couples dancing their heart out to make it to the evening part of this championship. At the conclusion of this round the organisers will get ready for tonight's mix of decisive championship stages and shows of the caliber of what we saw yesterday.

Webcast About To Start 25 February 2018 11:38

Aleksey Litvinov, RUS © Lena

The preliminary round of the 2018 European Standard Formation is underway. Eight formations are vying for one of the six berths in the final that will be danced later as part of the evening gala.

Aleksey Litvinov, the trainer legend of current World Champions Vera Tyumen, looks long and hard at the competition from the T.C. Ludwigbsurg.

With the next round of the European Youth Latin we will start the live webcast from the Ice Cube in Sochi. Follow it on!

Sochi | Day Two 25 February 2018 09:40

Sochi | Day 2

The first round of the 2018 European Youth Latin was danced first thing this morning. 50 couples were involved in it. 30 went straight on to the second round. And 20 are currently doin the redance.

9 formation teams have entered the 2018 European Standard Formation. The preliminary round for that starts at 11:15 UTC/GMT. Right after its conclusion we will start our live webcast with the querterfinal of the 2018 Youth Latin, transmitting everything right to the end at 18:00 UTC/GMT.

Today's Schedule

All times are Sochi local time (UTC/GMT +3)

WDSF European Championship Youth Latin

¼ F





Opening Ceremony






WDSF European Championship Youth Latin

½ F





WDSF European Championship Formation Standard






Prize Presentation Formation






WDSF European Championship Youth Latin






Prize Presentation Youth



When B-Boys Meet Cossacks | Sochi 2018 25 February 2018 08:38

TSVIETKOV Oleksandr - GROKHOVA Kira, UKR © Roland

It was a sight to behold when the closing act to yesterday's World Cup in Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll brought a Cossack dancing group to the floor jointly with a crew of b-boys from Sochi, RUS. It is at moments such as this one that everyone appreciates that dancing of the most varied kind is the only dancing that tells the story across all the cultural divides.

There is more of the same in store for you today!

MG6DDBoNHfo|When B-Boys Meet Cosacks | Sochi 2018

Tomorrow's Events 24 February 2018 19:19

Nadezhda Yerastova © Lena

What we have seen on day one of the DanceSport extravaganza staged at the Ice Cube in Sochi, RUS, was breathtakingly spectacular from start to finish. Young dancers showing their best stuff in Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll were at the core of an entertaining programme. Medals were awarded for the World Cup in Juvenile, Junior and B-Class. Ukraine swept all three in Juvenile, Russia those in the B-Class. Two Russian couples and one from Croatia made up the podium in the Junior World Cup.

Tomorrow's main events are eagerly awaited already: the 2018 European Youth Latin and the 2018 European Standard Formation will round off the up-and-close look at almost the full breadth of DanceSport. The President of the All Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll, Mrs Nadezhda Yerastova, can only be congratulated on putting the quality programme together. Watch the recording of today's stream and you will know what we are talking about.

IILV8s4HPDk|Live Stream | 2018 World Cup Acrobatic Rock 'n Roll

Active Coaches 24 February 2018 16:32

Ukranian Winning Team

As the final of the Youth Rock 'n' Roll World Cup comes to an end, the table of the WDSF Communication team next to the floor keeps bouncing. This is not exclusively due to the lively characteristics of this type of dance, but to the enthusiasm of the athletes’ coaches who keep cheering and dancing along on the sidelines. The whole scene makes up for the missing acrobatics! Juvenile and junior couples are prohibited from doing acrobatics.

The role of the coach, however, does not stop there. From taking selfies on the podium to receiving a trophy, they are included in every part of this competition. The reciprocal admiration between coach and trainee can be seen both on and off-stage, and it looks like fun!

IILV8s4HPDk|Live Stream | 2018 World Cup Acrobatic Rock 'n Roll


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