In less than three weeks' time some of the biggest and most prestigious events in DanceSport will play out at the Beethoven Hall in Stuttgart, GER.

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Adjudicators' Congress

Stuttgart Congress: Day Three

The final day of the multidisciplinary Adjudicators' Congress focuses on Latin under Judging System 2.1 plus the measures against competition fixing.

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WDSG 2013 Standard © Roland

Stuttgart Congress: Day Two

Here is the impressive line-up of lecturers who will speak on the congress theme "Systematic Approach to Objective Judging" as it relates to Standard.

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Adjudicators' Congress

Stuttgart: Adjudicators' Congress

A multidisciplinary Adjudicators' Congress takes place in Stuttgart from 9 to 11 August. "Systematic Approach to Objective Judging" is the theme.

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Kaohsiung, 20 September, Helmut Roland

Do your dance

"Do your dance" is entered into the Sport Movies & TV Festival. The official film of the World DanceSport Games could be in the running for an award.

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2014 GrandSlam Wuhan, CHN

GrandSlam Wuhan

The organisers of the fourth leg of the 2014 WDSF GrandSlam Series offer generous travel subsidies to the couples making semi-finals and finals.

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Jaewoo Lee - Hye-Jung Jang, KOR

Ahead of The Incheon 2014 APG

Wheelchair DanceSport will premiere in the 2014 Asian Para Games in Incheon, KOR. One participant reflects on how the sport impacts her life.

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Anna Kuzminskaya

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Incheon 2014 Asian Para Games


Incheon 2014 Asian Para Games - Wheelchair DanceSport For more information, visit our Incheon 2014 Asian Para Games official site

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