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Japan Too! 20 May 2018 13:23

Kawasaki, JPN - 20 May Egli

The men's final pit one Japanese b-boy against one Russian b-boy. Shigekix kept the upper hand over Bumblebee in all four rounds and claimed the second gold medal of this first ever WDSF World Youth Breaking Championship. Congratulations!

But don't count Bumblebee out for Buenos Aires. Tired as he was after battling almost twent rounds today, he already starts planning the training for the next few weeks. Just like Marina, he wants to be ready for the next battle with his rival of today.

Here are the 12 b-boys who have qualified for the YOG. The discovery of yet another IOC requirement regarding the composition of the contingent brought an important change to the list at the last moment. All continents need to be represented in the contingent. This had B-Boy Jordan from South Africa qualify over another b-boy who placed considerably higher in the final standing.

Qualified B-Boys

The Winners Are ... 20 May 2018 12:47

Kawasaki, JPN - 20 May Egli

In the B-Girl final it was a 4:0 decision in favour of Ram that swept the capacity crowd of about 2,000 pspectators off their seats and had them cheering their hearts out at the Culttz. Even the runner-up, B-Girl Matina, was happy with the outcome. She vouched to step up her training between now and the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) and to be ready for the next battle for gold.

The official results will be available from both website ( and shortly. Here are the 12 b-girls who have qualified for the YOG. Now it is up to their National Olympic Committees to sanction the participation.

Qualified B-Girls  

Followed By The Boys 20 May 2018 11:43

B-Boy Pre-Final Bracket

And here is the bracket for the B-Boy Final that will conclude this 2018 WDSF World Youth Breaking in Kawasaki, JPN.

Here we can honestly say that B-Boy Bumblebee facing off with B-Boy Shigekix in the battle for gold was the prediction of nearly all the experts.

Where uncertainty starts to come in is in the outcome. We did talk to Bumblebee just moments ago, asking him about being intimitated by Shigekix. "Fear, definitely not! But I respect Shigekix a lot. We are friends. This we'll be the first time we battle each other. And I am ready!" Good answer, Bumblebee!

rOjJCQpZAGY|Dail, KOR vs Kenji, ITA | 2018 World Youth Breaking | RR

The B-Girl Final Next 20 May 2018 11:12

B-Girl Bracket Pre_final

With just minutes to go until the final in the B-Girl event starts, here is the bracket again. Are there many surprises? Hard to tell, both B-Girl Ram and B-Girl Matina were considered to make out the first place between them.

With the two Korean b-girls battling it out between them, and with the winner Yell having to go up against B-Girl Ram, who maintains her perfect record in terms of rounds won, the possibility of a repeat Ram vs Yell as in the Taipei City final.

QmoQzIcB20o|B-Duck, HKG vs Yell, KOR | 2018 World Youth Breaking | RR

B-Girl Bracket 20 May 2018 09:31

Kawasaki, JPN - 20 May Egli

In the quarterfinal of the B-Girl event the situation is different in as far as two countries, Japan and Korea - the powerhouse nations, are represented by two athletes. Only the one ending up in the higher rank will get - if the National Olympic Committee (NOC) approves - her ticket to Buenos Aires, ARG.

Four b-girls know that they have it made (once more: only if the NOC sanctions the participation): Senorita Carlota (FRA), Lexy (ITA), Matina (RUS) and Connie (USA)!

That leaves six b-girls, who've already dropped after the Round Robin, with their chances intact to battle at the YOG. Figure out who they are!

B-Girl Bracket

B-Boy Round Robin | Results 20 May 2018 09:00

B-Boy Round Robin Results

The Round Robin for the B-Boy Event had four groups of eight, with each b-boy battling three opponents. The objective, just as for the b-girls earlier, was to end up in the top two to proceed to the knockout phase.

Of the 32 b-boys who went to battle in the Round Robin, 24 are done for today - but not entirely out of the running for the 12 YOG places. With only 8 dancing the quarterfinal - and with all eight from different countries - three YOG places are awarded on the basis of the results in the Round Robin.

LQV7U4GXNY8|Martin, FRA vs Free, CHI | 2018 World Youth Breaking | RR

Himalayan High Hopes 20 May 2018 06:39

B-Boy Tricky Tricks @ Little Shao

Another b-boy who was in the focus of the international media was Shyam Maharjan, NEP, aka B-Boy Trick Tricks. Member of the Everest Crew and hailing from Katmandu, he carried not only his own Himalayan high hopes with him, but also those of fellow crew members and even of breakers in the neighbouring Bhutan.

“It’s been a long journey to get here,” said Tricky Tricks in an interview with a press agency. “But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am focused on performing my best and hopefully it will be good enough to move on to the Youth Olympic Games.”

"Congratulation and very, very best of luck to our brother Tricky Tricks, who is representing Nepal and the Everest Crew in the last Youth Olympic qualifier in Japan. It's a very proud moment for all the Nepalese and the Nepal Hip Hop community. Let's all wish him the best of best of luck.!" This is what the other members wrote on Facebook.

Unfortunately, Tricky Tricks has failed to make the cut and doesn't get to dance the Round Robin Phase. Next time, brother. You're 17, it will have to be in the normal Olympics ... Let's have a look at his video submitted during the digital qualifying stage.

xkjOP9hP2PE|TrickyTricks / Nepal

Down To Eight 20 May 2018 06:00

B-Girl Connie, USA © Quan

The Round Robin Phase for the B-Girl Event has produced the eight breakers who will battle it out in the decisive stage of the 2018 World Youth Breaking: in the knockout rounds, from quarterfinal to final.

They are listed below in the alphabetical order of their country and the order of their record of rounds won (R) and votes obtained (V). The three winners of the continental qualifiers advanced (Connie, Matina and Ram), but four out of the eight b-girls in the quarterfinal are from Asia, specifically from Japan and Korea. B-Girl Ram continues on track to repeat her perfect record at the Asia/Oceania qualifier in Taipei City, TPE: with all rounds won and with the maximum number of votes by the judges.

Senorita Carlota (4R/20V)

Lexy (4R/19V)

Ram (6R/30V)
Uruha (6R/26V)

Yell (5R/22V)
Minseo (5R/19V)

Matina (4R/20V)

Connie (3R/19V)


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