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150 Days To The World games In Wroclaw

The start of the 10th edition of The World Games is 150 days away. The Chief Executive Officer of the International World Games Association, Joachim Gossow, looks at the progress in the preparations for the multi-sport event.

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2016 European Ten Dance


You were able to watch a high-quality live webcast of yesterday's European Ten Dance held in Copenhagen, DEN. Live coverage at its best! If we discount a few technical problems initially ... and if we don't insist on infographics to be included!

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Dumitru Doga - Sarah Ertmer, GER © Roland

Relive Copenhagen! More Live from Budapest!

The 4-hour webcast of semi-finals and finals at the 2017 European Ten Dance in Copenhagen, DEN, is now aavailable for (uninterrupted) viewing here. And a two-camera live stream coninues to come in from Budapest, HUN. Enjoy!

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Dumitru Doga - Sarah Ertmer, GER Roland

Copenhagen: Live At Last

According to the organisers, the signal from the Tivoli Congress Centre in Copenhagen should be live at (or around) 7 p.m. UTC/GMT. The stages that will be shown live could include the semi-finals too. The player is embedded here.

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My Very Best 2016

The Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of "My Very Best 2016," a compilation of superb dancing by the world's best couples, will get released on 3 March. Top couples recall their best performances in GrandSlams and in the World or Euopean of  2016.

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2017 Hungarian Open

Confirmed: It's Live!

Without much advance notice at all, the organisers of the 2017 Hungarian Open announced that a live stream is available from two International Opens, two PD Opens and several Opens held in Budapest on 18 and 19 February ... Confirmed! 

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Copenhagen Open


The live stream from the Copenhagen Open will cover only the two finals of the 2017 European DanceSport Championship Ten Dance. None of the other competitions will be shown. The live webcast starts on 18 February at 7 p.m. GMT.

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