Ieva Zukauskaite © Mutin

Another Story

An excerpt from an in-depth interview with Evaldas Sodeika and Ieva Zukauskaite, LTU, shows how the two dancers complement each other on and off the floor. Dance is non-verbal communication: the bodies do the talking.

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PyeongChang Winter Olympics © AP

Dancing 200 Days From Today

The 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in PyeongChang, KOR, concluded last night with a ceremony featuring much dancing. Again! In October, the Olympic family will meet in Buenos Aires, ARG, when the dancing will be for medals!

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Marius-Andrei Balan - Khrystyna Moshenska, GER © HK Sportsfinder

The In-Depth Interview

Two bonus features are added to the Vimeo on Deman highlights packages we produce on the GrandSlams and the televised championships. The quarterfinal is the first and an interview with one of the ccouples the is the second.

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4 March © Egli

Friday Release: GrandSlam Latin Helsinki

The highlight programme of the 2018 GrandSlam Latin Helsinki is available. Again, it is an entire package that awaits you: the main programme covering semi and final, the bonus quarterfinal and an interview with Marius and Khrys.

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2017 European Ten Dance © Roland

The Latin Final In Brno

It was with the five Latin dances that the 2018 European Champions in Ten Dance conquered their title. Here is the full-length final as it was recorded by our colleague Helmut Roland, who also did the still photography in Brno.

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David Odstrcil - Tara Boak, CZE © Roland

More Ten Dance

A live webcast on the 2018 European DanceSport Championship Ten Dance came out of Brno, CZE, already. Nevertheless, our recordings of both finals should be appreciated too. Here is the Standard Final in full length.

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Konstantin Gorodilov - Dominika Bergmannova © Roland

2018 European Ten Dance

A complaint reached us that the 2018 European Championship Ten Dance did not receive the exposure it deserves through this website. If any of the dancers should feel that way too, we would certainly want to apologise.

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