M Mark Event 31/05/2016

21 June - Hong Kong © Jason ChungFor the third consecutive time the Hong Kong DanceSport Association has been able to qualify the GrandSlam as one of the select "M" mark events.

The Hong Kong Government considers a limited number of sports events to be worthy of distinction and direct support. A  "Major Sports Events Committee" (MSEC) advises the Government on the hosting policies and resource allocations.

The Chairman of the MSEC, Mr William Ko, said yesterday that the GrandSlam, like all "M" mark events, will add colour and vibrancy to Hong Kong and help attract more visitors.

"'M" mark events showcase Hong Kong's capability to host world-class events and reinforce its position as the events capital of Asia.

"'M" mark events also help generate economic benefits for Hong Kong by attracting tourists. They also instil a sustainable sporting culture in the community, and help foster a sense of pride and social cohesion," said Mr Ko.

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Live From : 2016 European Standard 20/05/2016

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14 May - Wroclaw, POL © Roland

Our editors are about to wrap up the post-production of the Vimeo on Demand programme covering the 2016 European DanceSport Championship Standard in Wroclaw, POL.

We are confident that the 90-minute programme will be available for rental (US$ 3.75 for a 3-month streaming period) through Vimeo on Demand by  tonight.

Here is the trailer for the show that features the full-length semi-final and final - plus interviews and behind-the-scene pieces. It is set to "Rendez-Vous" by Kelly Joyce (The Ballroom Mix 9 - Casa musica).

e0eeQr8dg-Q|2016 European Standard Wroclaw | The Trailer
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