2014 GrandSlam Latin Final 25/12/2014

Shanghai, CHN - 13 December © CastanyerWhat you get for US$ 2.95: a 6-camera HD production covering the decisive stages of the 2014 GrandSlam Latin Final with full graphics and an English commentary over the final.

The 86-minute programme is made up of four (4) parts: the full-length final (1 - narrated by Alex Warner), the interviews with the medallists (2), the full-length semi-final (3 - no commentary) and the interviews after the semi-final (4).

All with the world's best Latin dancers!

2014 GrandSlam Final LAT Shanghai - Trailer from DanceSport Total Plus on Vimeo.

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Live From: 2014 World Standard 19/11/2014

Baku or Bust

Baku Sports Film FestivalIn the end, DanceSport didn't make it onto the programme of the European Olympic Games 2015 Baku, AZE. But at one year out, it is there anyway!

In December 2012 DanceSport was mentioned as one of two non-Olympic sports to feature in the inaugural edition of the European Olympic Games held in Baku, AZE, in 2015.

inside the games, a reliable source of information regarding the Olympic Movement, was first to headline: "Dancesport is set to be included on the programme when the European Games makes its debut at Baku in 2015." In the end it didn't happen, even though WDSF tried until this year to have the Baku organisers consider the addition of the sport to the games' programme. Here!

But today, 19 November, Heidi Goetz is in Baku and represents DanceSport in an event that is associated with the games - albeit remotely - and that coincides with the Annual Meeting of the European Olympic Committees: the Baku Sports Film Festival.

As the producer of "Do your dance," the film on the first World DanceSport Games in Kaohsiung, TPE, Heidi was invited to Baku for the festival. "Do your dance" is one of 48 productions from 23 countries nominated for the awards Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

"Do your dance" will be screened on 20 November 12:00 local time at the Nizami Cinema Center. The awards presentation is scheduled for 21 November. Heidi will report here over the coming days.

uKC7FMA5fYE|2015 European Games
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