2016 SportDance 27/04/2016

SportDanceThe 2015 edition of SportDance saw some 30,000 athletes compete over ten days at the pavilions of the Rimini Fair. All in all, more than 200,000 people were registered at the turnstiles for a festival of dance that has seen steady growth over the eight editions it was held. 

This year will most likely see even more impressive benchmarks established between 3 and 10 July. In terms of WDSF events that are scheduled, the 2016 European DanceSport Championship Latin and the 2016 World Senior III Standard are the standouts. They take place on 9 and 10 July respectively.

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Live From : 2016 GrandSlam Wuhan 22/04/2016

Ashli's Lausanne Diary II

2016 SportAccord

WDSF Athletes' Commission chair Ashli Williamson reports from SportAccord in Lausanne, SUI. Exchanging with Kaveh Mehrabi, an Iranian badminton player, Olympian and head of the IOC Athlete Programmes, inspires Ashli to further enhance the athletes' representation within the WDSF structures. Here is her report on day four.

A great day for the WDSF Athletes Commission filled with a lot of inspiration and information to further our athletes community worldwide both within and outside our sport.

I had a 45min meeting with Kaveh Mehrabi the Head of the Athletes Activities Programme.

He informed me that there were many steps that were important for the IOC within the structure of the International Federations. All but one, we fulfill!!!
We have Athlete's represented on the highest political level - The presidium
We have Athlete's represented in many Member Federations.
We have a full Athlete's Commission. Representing all age categories and regions.
+ many more

The one we were missing was:
They recommend that the athlete's are involved in the Technical/Educational Commission to be aware of any changes made pertaining to the athletes.
We will discuss this on our next WDSF AC meeting and go further to the WDSF with a proposal.

3 main issues which we will actively try to pursue in the commission within the next meetings, together with the suggestions and requests from our athletes.

The Athlete's Career Programme - Understanding and Promotion

The Athlete's Online Learning Gateway - Understanding and Promotion

The Athletes's Hub (www.hub.olympic.org) The one stop shop, they call it. This website has been made to be able to get everything you need as an athlete from the one website. - Promotion

The last meeting we had was with FISU (International University Sports Federation). The President Oleg Matytsin sat with us and gave very positive input into how we can be a part of FISU. We are missing very little so it will be exciting to see where this goes in the future.

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