All-Ukrainian DanceSport Federation 21/10/2014

Dumitru Cernei - Yuliya Lisovska, UKRThe General Assembly of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine not only re-elected its President, former pole vaulting recordman Sergiy Bubka, to another term, it also recognised DanceSport and its governing body, the All-Ukrainian DanceSport Federation.

Samuylenko Galyna, the chair of the All-Ukrainian DanceSport Federation's Executive Committee, was present on 7 October in Kiev when the Elective General Assembly of the National Olympic Committee unanimously resolved to "recognise Ukrainian Federation of Wushu, All-Ukrainian DanceSport Federation and Ukrainian Federation of Karate as the subjects of the Olympic Movement in Ukraine."

The World DanceSport Federation congratulates AUDSF on its NOC recognition!

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Live From: 2014 World Latin and PD SD Latin 07/10/2014

The Wrap

2014 World Latin Ostrava © RolandThe 2014 World Latin in Ostrava, CZE, brought innovation to the way Adult World Championships will be adjudicated forthwith. Judging System 2.1 premiered on Sunday 5 October with a Championship formula that is slightly different from the one used in GrandSlam competitions. Only two solo dances were performed in the final: the Cha Cha Cha as the first and the Paso Doble as the last dance.  The other three dances were performed in a group. The results of the final with their typical NJS 2.1 depth are available here.

The World Latin was also a milestone event in terms of the international television signal. WDSF Communications collaborated with CESKA TELVIZIE in producing the signal with live graphics (provided by WDSF) over the increasingly popular "Kiss & Cry" sequence at the end of each solo dance. A first for the "Best of DanceSport Series" ...

Last but not least, the hairdo of Khrystyna Moshenska was also new (and highly reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe)!

Other than that it was much of the same as on all the other occasions in Ostrava: an exceptional crowd at the CEZ Arena made all the difference and created the appropriate atmosphere for one of the best World Championships Latin ever. Watch the semi-final and final as VOD right here.

2014 World Latin Ostrava © Roland2014 World Latin Ostrava © Roland

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