Valery Mishel Petruna

General information
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Name Valery Mishel
Surname Petruna
Nationality Latvia
Member Id number (MIN) 10072560
Current age group Youth
Member of Latvian Dance Sport Federation


Division: General
Status: Active
6.14 February 2015OpenLatinYouthKedainiai - Lithuania
39.20 December 2014OpenLatinYouthRiga - Latvia
35.16 November 2014OpenLatinYouthVienna - Austria
31.01 November 2014OpenLatinYouthRiga - Latvia
27.05 October 2014OpenLatinYouthOstrava - Czech Republic
9.05 October 2014OpenLatinJunior IIOstrava - Czech Republic
25.11 May 2014OpenLatinYouthKaunas - Lithuania
3.01 May 2014OpenLatinJunior IIRiga - Latvia
10.24 November 2013OpenLatinJunior IIRakvere - Estonia
9.23 November 2013OpenStandardJunior IIRakvere - Estonia
11.19 May 2013OpenStandardJunior IIMinsk - Belarus
4.18 May 2013OpenLatinJunior IIMinsk - Belarus
12.04 May 2013OpenLatinJunior IIRiga - Latvia
CoupleNameNationalityCompeting forStatusJoinedRetired
detailsKristers SkavronskisLatviaLatviaActive24/04/2013
Profile picture of Valery Mishel Petruna
Country of origin: Latvia
I mainly live in: Riga
Preferred dances: Samba.Rumba
Main trainers: Kaspars Berzups
More: Deniss Cursins