Michael Currie - Clarice Yau

General information
ManMichael Currie   (10059440)
WomanClarice Yau   (10059441)
Dancing forCanada
Joined on 01 September 2010
Current age groupAdult
Current statusInactive
16.4805 February 2011International OpenLatinAdultVancouver - Canada
54.1804 September 2010GrandSlamLatinAdultIrvine (CA) - United States
Country of origin: Canada
I mainly live in: Calgary, Alberta
Profession or education: Finance
Maritial status: Single
Hobbies: Dance
Preferred dances: Samba
Main trainers: Dany Desloges
Michael CurrieClarice Yau
That's Him!

Michael Currie starting out dancing salsa at the clubs and in the dance studios of New York City. After moving to Calgary, Alberta in 2007, he took up International Latin dancing, and he's danced at competitions, mostly in Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta, but also several times in Vancouver. He's also competed at the Canada DanceSport Canadian Closed Championships in 2010 (in Calgary), 2011 (in Toronto), 2012 (in Vancouver), and 2013 (in Halifax). In 2010 he competed at Embassy Ball in Irvine, California.

With his previous partner Clarice Yau he won the Adult Pre-Championship Latin events at Wild Rose Ball and Snowball Classic.

Currie has had four dance partners: in syllabus he danced with Anna Zhu from 2008 to 2009, then at the pre-championship and championship levels he has danced with Clarice Yau (2009-2011), Angelina Sotnikova (2011-2012), and Michelle Chan (2012-present).

Currie is based in Calgary, Alberta and is coached by Dany Desloges (http://www.danyandgosha.com), and has also taken lessons with Vibeke Toft, Maurizio Vescovo, Andra Vaidilaite, Anna Trebunskaya, Nikolai Voronovich, and Maria Nikolishina.

Currie currently serves on the Board of Directors for DanceSport Alberta Association (DSAB) (www.dancesportalberta.org), a regional body in Canada that forms part of Canada DanceSport (CDS), the Canadian chapter of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF). He also volunteers as treasurer for DSAB.

When not dancing, Currie works as a financial professional and entrepreneur (http://bruceforceresearch.com/michael-currie).