Granting Stars 26/01/2015

Granting Stars

The WDSF Sports Commission informs its athletes, members and WDSF Chairmen about the below procedure of granting stars for the places 1 to 50, from the World Ranking List, abiding to the Management of World Ranking Tournaments:

The night before the competition (20:00 local time of competition) the amount of star couples will be fixed based on the entries at this time. After this no changes are allowed to apply. The chairman has to take care to return to the requirements given by the WDSF World Ranking Management in a proper way, if the proposed system is not applicable due missing couples. 
The scrutineer/organizer has to provide the actual starting list to the chairman at this time. If a couple wants to know about a star, the organizer or the chairman has to be asked by them.

-    all chairman have to proceed this rules strictly
-    the experience has to be documented into the Chairman’s Report mandatory
-    the list of entries which was the base for the exemptions (20:00) has to be attached to the Chairman’s report

Best regards,

Marco Sietas
WDSF Sports Director

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Jean-Marie Kosinski

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