Teacher & Student

The Programme


The Professional Division (PD) has designed and implements its Teacher & Student (T&S) Programme to provide dance teachers and their students with the opportunity to apply advances they have made through lessons to a playful yet competitive setting.

The programme derives its name from pairing teachers with students for contests. A T&S contest allows such couples to match their skills against those of their peers, to have their performances evaluated by expert adjudicators, and to progress on the learning curve through high-spirited competitiveness.

The PD has developed the T&S Programme with the aim to increase the quality opportunities for everybody

The Competition

T&S competitions are hosted by local or national organisations. Even though competitions may vary slightly from one another, the underlying philosophy remains the same, and the generally accepted rules and standards apply to all of them.

The PD-authored Rules “DanceSport for All” cover the definition of a teacher and a student as well as the criteria for classification of the couple into competitive groups. Generally, Teacher & Student T&S couples are classified by skill level and age of the student, and by the dance style that is contested.

The WDSF PD Rules governing T&S can be downloaded from this section on worlddancesport.org.


Published on 2 August 2011 (last update on 17 August 2011)