The Performance

Belyayev – Popova, CAN © Roland

Artistry, Athleticism, Technique ... And Aesthetics!

The aesthetic appeal of a sport can make for the fascination that induces someone to participate. And it is certainly one of the qualities drawing a spectator to watch.

For those looking on, a sporting performance does not solely impress for its purpose or effectivity, it astonishes even more through the skill and the style with which it is delivered.

While this holds true for just about any sport, it seems to be heightened considerably in some: in all those labelled as artistic. DanceSport - obviously belonging the genre too - is all about balancing the artistry of dance, which makes it so captivating, with the athleticism of sport.

Athletes in DanceSport use the prescribed technique together with rhythmic interpretation to produce their performance. However, technical competence in itself does not necessarily constitute quality in DanceSport.

While all athletes are challenged to demonstrate their perfect technique, it is the privilege of champions to combine it with artistry as well as outstanding athleticism in highly aesthetic performances. In order to determine these champions, the athletes match up against each other in fair competition on the dance floor, all seeking to demonstrate the perfect synthesis between technique, artistic skills and athleticism.

In the course of a DanceSport competition athletes produce multiple performances of 90 to 120 seconds as they progress from one round to another. Typically, a couple making it to the final round performs five times five dances before the winners are declared. In Ten Dance: four times ten dances!

Team Effort

DanceSport is a team sport by definition and features total gender parity. Male and female athletes compete together on the same field of play, to the same rules, and for the same awards and titles.  As a couple, or a team of couples in Formation, they strive to go much beyond the absolute mastery of technique: they seek to develop their personal style and to transmit charisma on the floor. Always as a team!


Physical conditioning, hard work, stern discipline, mental training as well as imagination are the prerequisites for athletes to achieve excellence in DanceSport. The biographies of the top competitive couples tell the stories of inspired people in permanent search of perfection.

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The performances in a randomly picked World Open Standard competition reflect the very essence of competitive DanceSport.

Years of training are required to make the most challenging steps and figures look as effortless as they do. And only the best can complement their command over technique with artistic skills to make the aesthetic qualities of DanceSport visible on the floor.