WDSF Members

National Member Bodies

The number of National Member Bodies making up the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) stands currently at 94.  

IDSF Membership Commission in Brazil The WDSF Membership Commission is very active, fostering national organisations in areas where the development of DanceSport lags behind and assisting them with the education of trainers and judges. In some countries, WDSF trainers work directly with the athletes in order to bring them closer to the international levels.

One national governing body per country can become an WDSF National Member Body, provided it fulfils all requirements for membership as set forth in the WDSF Statutes. Provisional membership can be granted by WDSF to national organisations that satisfy these requirements only partially.

Associate Members

The World Rock 'n' Roll Confederation is an Associate Members of WDSF. This organisation has aims and objectives that are deemed compatible with those of WDSF. As an Associate Member WRRC brings its own sizable communities to an ever growing global sporting movement and promote DanceSport together with WDSF.

In 2008, the International Paralympic Committee has entered into a formal co-operation agreement with WDSF to jointly develop and promote Wheelchair DanceSport, and to work towards establishing a single international governing body including Wheelchair.

Honorary Members

The title of Honorary Member is bestowed upon persons who have rendered outstanding services to DanceSport and to WDSF. Former  Presidents Otto Teipel, Detlef Hegemann, Rudolf Baumann and Lukas Hinder are Honorary Presidents, former Presidium Members Léon Léonard and Heinz Spaeker are Honorary Members of WDSF.