General overview

The WDSF IT infrastructure is designed to provide DanceSport related services to the public.

Its main components are:

  • WDSF database, here we store all our information.
    It's a secured server where all personal data is encrypted to avoid privacy issues should the server be compromised.
  • WDSF API, this service provides DanceSport related information in a machine readable format. It's used to transmit competition results and general information about athletes, couples and teams.
    Common users are :
    • Competition organizers
    • Scrutiny
    • Member bodies
    • 3rd party websites
  • WDSF website. It's what you are looking at right now.
    It's used by:
    • You
    • Athletes, to update their profile page.
    • Couples to register themselves at WDSF competitions (see the WDSF CRS section for more details).
    • National administrators, to manage their athletes, couples and teams.

More information about each item can be found in the submenus of this section.

WDSF IT-Infrascructure