Employees Manual

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) is a sports organization that has a worldwide presence and has governed DanceSport since 1957. With a rich history dating back to the origins of DanceSport, the organization is growing and expanding into the future reflecting societal changes.
The purpose of this manual is to be a resource along with a guide for new employees of the organization. WDSF’s values reflect the universal values of sport evident through the determination and ambition of WDSF throughout the years. Their aim is to adhere to the Olympic Movement and develop a “Sport for All” environment.
WDSF has a Commission responsible for “Sports for All” development, ensuring it is implemented in every aspect of the organization. Employees must conduct their work by upholding the future of DanceSport, adhering to the Olympic values of excellence, respect, and friendship. WDSF thrives off the opportunity of the sport in the upcoming years.

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