2016 World Formation STD © Roland

2016 World Formation Standard

After Minsk, BLR, renounced from hosting the 2016 World Formation Standard, Pecs, HUN, stepped up to the plate and saved the day for the 13 formations that had put in practice for months. First place goes to Russia, second to Germany!

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Moscow, RUS - 4 December 2016 © Anashina

Another Farewell To Champions

Andrey Zaytsev and Anna Kuzminskay, RUS, win their second consecutive title as World Champions in Professional Division Latin in front of their home crowd in Moscow ... and immediately announce their retirement from competition.

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Andrey Zaytsev - Anna Kuminskaya, RUS © Roland

Live From ...

A live stream covering the 2016 WDSF PD World Latin in Moscow, RUS, should become available soon. We're waiting for the embedding code to be sent. Our colleague Helmut Roland is in Pecs, HUN, to report form the World Formation Standard.

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Vienna, AUT - 19 November © Roland

Today's Release: 2016 World Ten Dance

The close to two hours of coverage on the 2016 World DanceSport Championship Ten Dance held in Vienna, AUT, on 19 November are now available as a Vimeo on Demand programme: US$ 3.75 for 3-month streaming!

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Vadim Garbuzov - Kathrin Benzinger, AUT © Roland

2016 PD World Showdance Latin

Another PD World Showdance Championship was held on the last day of the Austrian Open in Vienna. This year it was Latin! The performances in the final were all recorded by broadcaster ORF and are made available here as a free Vimeo programme.

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Peter Maxwell © Sportel

Peter Maxwell | Honorary Advisor

DanceSport legend Peter Maxwell is appointed Honorary Advisor to the newly formed Adjudicators' Commission. His vast experience in the fields of dance and adjudication will be a tremendous asset to the work of the commission.

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Figure Skating Judges

Competition Manipulation | Part III

This is the third and final part of Reinhard Egli's editorial on Competition Manipulation in DanceSport. Forever the keen observer, Reinhard sees this world of dance made up of "egocentric personalities with their sensitivities heightened."

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