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2019 WDSF GrandSlam Standard Rimini Final © Egli

The 2019 WDSF World Cup Standard title to Italy

Francesco Galuppo - Debora Pacini (ITA) won their third World Cup Standard title in Da Lian (CHN) on Saturday.

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2019 WDSF GrandSlam Standard Rimini R2 © Egli

World Cup Standard in Da Lian

The 2019 World Cup Standard takes place in Da Lian (CHN).

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2019 WDSF GrandSlam Latin Rimini QF © Egli

Konstantin and Dominika continue with Latin only

During the GrandSlam Rimini, we received an announcement from the reigning World Ten Dance Champions about their decision to concentrate on Latin programme only in the future.

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Adjudicator at work

Keeping the Character, Breaking the Boundary

During the second day of the WDSF Adjudicators' AJS Congress in Stuttgart a new norm of lectures by the WDSF World Champions will take place.

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This just in!

The location and date for the 2019 WDSF World Championship Disco Dance has been announced!

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Athlete Role Model Moy

Updated Athletes' Commission

The newest addition is Moises "Moy" Rivas (B-boy Moy) from the USA in the WDSF Athletes Commission led by Mrs. Ashli Williamson (DEN).

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WDSF Breaking 29 June 2019 in Sochi (RUS) © FDSARR

Breaking in Sochi was a success

Breaking was included in the program alongside other disciplines during the four-day event in Sochi (RUS).

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