Helsinki, FIN - 18 March © Egli

Back With More

It takes us five days to edit one 90-minute highlight programme of a GrandSlam or Championship. You are asking why that long? Beacuse we put diligence, creativity and heartblood into these productions. They show it ...

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Panel of Adjudicators © Roland

A Mixed Gender Sport: Really?

The World DanceSport Federation takes a long and self-critical look at itself, asking, "If we are a mixed gender sport by default, why doesn't it show when it comes the our panels of adjudicators, our commissions or the Presidium?" 

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Andrey Gusev - Vera Bondareva, RUS © Anashina

It's Out!

The Latin Edition of My Very Best 2016, the compilation of the best dances performed by the best couples last year, is available from our Vimeo on Demand platform. MVB 2016 is a "keeper" -  watch it forever or download!

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Simone Segatori - Annette Sudol, GER

2017 Tokyo Open

This year's edition of the Tokyo Open brought much innovation to the packed Metropolitan Gymnasium in the Japanese capital. A new version of the WDSF Judging System was used for the first time - and B-Boys delighted the public.

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My Very Best 2016

MVB 2016 | Latin Edition

The Latin Edition of My Very Best 2016 will get released next Friday, 17 March, just prior to the GrandSlam Helsinki, when some of the protagonists in this spectacular "best of" compilation will take to the floor for the first time this year.

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Toulouse, FRA - 4 March © Shao

Breaking News

The Olympic Channel has taken up on a video news  release that the World DanceSport Federation produced on the recent Battle Pro event in Toulouse, FRA, and has made it into "Breaking Good," featuring B-Boys/Girls of all ages.

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5 March © Egli

Coming Soon!

The first leg of the 2017 GrandSlam Series held concurrently with the Finnish Open is just around the corner. But registration is still possible today, 9 March, for Standard on 18 and Latin on 19 March. What are you waiting for?

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