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02/07/2020 more...

Tango Tips

A lecture by Emanuel Valeri

30/06/2020 more...

"Just dance" contest results

Winners of the "Just dance" contest

27/06/2020 more...
2019 World Championship Formation Standard

formation - a spectacular and ever-growing discipline

A look at the past, present and future of the dynamic DanceSport discipline.

26/06/2020 more...

WDSF Academy with Julie Fryer

Spins and turns in Latin

23/06/2020 more...
PHOTO-2020-06-18-22-01-48 2.jpg

Reunited and it feels so good

Galkina and Abel back into familiar routine after two months apart.

19/06/2020 more...

Quality DanceSport of 2019 on CCTV!


Chinese DanceSport Fans and Enthusiasts have an unprecedented opportunity to watch DanceSport through BoDS and Grand Slam series 2019 on CCTV-5

18/06/2020 more...

Learn at home with the WDSF Academy!

Emanuel Valeri | Tango Tips


Today's lecture of the WDSF Academy is devoted to the most characteristic Standard dance, Tango. The video lecture is presented by WDSF World Champion in Standard, Emanuel Valeri. Emanuel talks about specific principals of Tango, including Tango shape, hold and footwork. #WDSFacademy #tango #wdsfdancesport #WeAreDanceSport #DontStopDancing

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