AGM 2022

News from the WDSF AGM 2022

More than 120 delegates from 70 countries were registered for the AGM, along with Honorary and Associate Members, in the most important meeting of the year.

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election candidates

Call for European candidates for Election to Athletes Commission

All athletes from the European countries and 18 years of age or over (at the time of the elections) may now volunteer or be nominated as candidates.

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forum 2

WDSF Forum to be held the day before the 2022 WDSF AGM

The WDSF Forum will start at 13:00CET (Central European Time) as this is the most convenient time zone for all continent and will be held on Saturday, 11 June 2022.

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Formal Warning by the WDSF Presidium to Ferrucio Galvagno (ITA)

The WDSF Presidium refers to the Report of the WDSF Ethics Committee to the WDSF Presidium about the case of Mr. Ferruccio Galvagno

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Neues Schloss Stuttgard

The highly anticipated WDSF GrandSlam Series will resume this year

We can’t wait to get back to normal again, where the world’s most talented couples will grace our dancefloors, competing for titles and inspiring countless others in the process.

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WDSF Elections

WDSF Vice-President for Legal Affairs election

During the next AGM (12 June 2022) an election for the position of the Vice-President for Legal Affairs must be held. See what the requirements are.

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Olympics Paris,LA, Brisbane

The Grand Slam of the next three Olympic Games

The final decision of new sports for LA28 should be made by the first two quarters of 2023.

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DanceSport at The World Games 2022!

Learn at home with the WDSF Academy!

Bjorn Bitsch & Ashli Williamson | Drive action in Standard


This video lecture of the WDSF Academy is presented by a wonderful partnership, both in life and on the dance floor, Björn Bitch and Ashli ​​Williamson. Having recently completed their competitive career, Björn and Ashli ​​have won 10 World Championship titles, including World Professional Standard, World Professional 10-dance and World Professional Show Dance Championships. In the lecture, Björn and Ashli ​​will talk about Drive action in Standard. #WDSFacademy #WeAreDanceSport #WDSFdancesport #wdsf #standarddance

Pedro Toro ntXjvzcAEHU

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Marcos - Nowak, POL | 2022 WDSF GrandSlam LAT Naron, ESP | R1 S


Edgar Marcos Borjas - Alina Nowak, POL, dance the Samba in round 1 of the 2022 WDSF GrandSlam Latin in Naron, ESP, on 26 june.

Ferran Castanyer 1gTiswdQAPQ

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