Ho Tin Hung Rainbow

General information

Profile picture of Tin Hung Rainbow Ho
Name Tin Hung Rainbow
Surname Ho
Nationality Hong Kong
Member Id number (MIN) 10000952
Current age group Adult
Member of Hong Kong DanceSport Association Limited
Hong Kong DanceSport Association Professional Division


Division: General
Status: Active
Issued on: 18 February 2013
Expires on: 12 May 2018
Disciplines: Latin, Standard


Division: Professional
Status: Active
Issued on: 09 November 2015
Expires on: 12 May 2018
Disciplines: Standard, Latin


Division: General
Status: Retired


10.04 December 2005OpenStandardAdultSingapore - Singapore
12.02 October 2005Asian Pacific ChampionshipStandardAdultTaipei - Chinese Taipei
31.01 October 2005International OpenStandardAdultTaipei - Chinese Taipei
17.01 May 2005International OpenStandardAdultSeoul - South Korea
49.20 March 2005GrandSlamStandardAdultTokyo - Japan
14.13 March 2005OpenStandardAdultShanghai - People's Republic of China
18.23 October 2004International OpenStandardAdultTaipei - Chinese Taipei
26.07 August 2004International OpenStandardAdultSingapore - Singapore
19.17 July 2004International OpenStandardAdultBangkok - Thailand
11.14 December 2003OpenStandardAdultMacau - Macau
17.18 October 2003OpenStandardAdultWuxi - People's Republic of China
21.11 October 2003International OpenStandardAdultTaipeh - Chinese Taipei
21.11 October 2003International OpenStandardAdultTaipeh - Chinese Taipei
20.02 August 2003International OpenStandardAdultSingapore - Singapore
9.13 April 2002International OpenStandardAdultSingapore - Singapore
8.23 September 2001Asian Pacific ChampionshipStandardAdultSydney - Australia


CoupleNameNationalityCompeting forStatusJoinedRetired
detailsGeorge Yip Chi WaiHong KongHong KongRetired01/08/200315/12/2003
detailsChi Wai George YipHong KongHong KongRetired12/04/200231/12/2005