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WDSF PD GrandPrix Standard Stuttgart © Roland

WDSF PD GrandPrix Stuttgart

The World DanceSport Federation - on behalf of its Professional Division -produces the GrandPrix events in Stuttgart for its video-on-demand service.

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2014 GOC Stuttgart, GER

Open Meeting for Progress

The WDSF PD invites teachers, coaches and judges to express their ideas about progress in the dancing world

09/07/2014 more...

PD World Championship Master Class II Standard

For the 2nd time ever this World Championship was held. 17 couples out of 4 nations entered to go for the World Champion's title.

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2014 WDSF PD European Cup Latin

The 2014 WDSF Professional Division European Cup Latin was held in the beautiful venue of Stadthalle Wuppertal

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Vadim Garbuzov - Roxanne Rapp © ORF

Dancing Stars

WDSF athletes Vadim Garbuzov and Kathrin Menzinger lead their respective partners to glory on the parquet of the Austrian Dancing with the Stars.

23/05/2014 more...
Ball at Vienna City Hall

2014 PD European STD Showdance

The 2014 PD European Standard Sowdance will be staged in truly stunning surroundings on 9 June. Venue is the Vienna City Hall. Be there too!

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Martino Zanibellato - Michelle Abildtrup, DEN © Roland

Tablao Flamenco

The 2013 WDSF PD World Champions Latin perform a memorable show in Aarhus, their hometown, during the 2014 European Latin on 5 April.

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Helmut Hanke

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The WDSF Professional Division (PD) administers and governs the professional side of DanceSport autonomously with regards to the competitions, the competition rules as well as the licensing of professional athletes and officials.

The PD is, however, subject to the laws and policies of WDSF. It respects the latter's administrative jurisdiction and exclusive rights to internal and external representation. It adheres to the same democratic, sporting and management principles. It upholds the same standards and codes for ethics and anti-doping, and it recognises the competence of the WDSF jurisdictional organs.

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The World DanceSport Federation appoints IEC in Sports, the Stockholm based international sports agency, to exclusively distribute the international media rights for the WDSF GrandSlam Series.

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