Officials to WDSF Championships, Cups and GrandSlams

In December 2016 WDSF abolished the secrecy about the composition of the panels of adjudicators prior to major competitions (Championships, GrandSlams) to avoid that privileged information could be compromised. Deviating from the procedure in the past - and for a trial period of still undetermined duration - WDSF publishes the names of all adjudicators making up the panels at title and GrandSlam events on its website.

More details about below competitions is also available in the competition calendar.

16 December 2017World Championship - Standard YouthRiga - Latvia
17 February 2018European Championship - Standard AdultCopenhagen - Denmark
25 February 2018European Championship - Latin YouthSochi - Russia
25 February 2018European Championship - Formation Standard AdultSochi - Russia
25 February 2018PD Super Grand Prix - Standard AdultTokyo - Japan
03 March 2018GrandSlam - Standard AdultHelsinki - Finland
04 March 2018GrandSlam - Latin AdultHelsinki - Finland