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Horsens, DEN - 13 December © Roland

Time To Say Goodbye

WDSF PD World Champions Latin Martino Zanibellato and Michelle Abildtrup retire from competitive dancing immediately after their win in Horsens.

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Horsens, DEN - 13 December © Roland

2014 PD World Latin: Final Standing

Here is the standing after the final of the 2014 PD World Latin forwarded by the WDSF PD Sports Director Hubert De Maesschalck. More soon! 

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Horsens, DEN - 13 December © Roland

2014 WDSF PD World Latin

The 2014 PD WDSF World Latin in Horsens, DEN, saw Martino Zanibellato – Michelle Abildtrup revalidate the tittle won in 2013 ... and bid farewell!

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Salou, ESP - 6 December © Castanyer

2014 PD World STD Showdance | The Final Reel

You have seen all the performances in the first round of the PD World Standard Showdance already, now watch the eight best danced in the final.

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WDSF PD Super GP STD and PD Open LAT

Martin Pastor, the PD Deputy Sports Director, invites you to the PD Super GrandPrix STD and PD Open LAT Latin in the Hanseatic city of Riga.

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WDSF PD World Latin Horsens

WDSF PD World Latin Horsens, DEN

Martin Pastor, the PD Deputy Sports Director, and the gentleman on the left invite you to the PD World Latin ... and to a visit of charming Horsens ...

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PD Athletes' Commission Representative

The WDSF Athletes' Commission publishes the list of eligible candidates for the position of Professional Division representative to the commission.

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Olga Akopova

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The WDSF Professional Division (PD) administers and governs the professional side of DanceSport autonomously with regards to the competitions, the competition rules as well as the licensing of professional athletes and officials.

The PD is, however, subject to the laws and policies of WDSF. It respects the latter's administrative jurisdiction and exclusive rights to internal and external representation. It adheres to the same democratic, sporting and management principles. It upholds the same standards and codes for ethics and anti-doping, and it recognises the competence of the WDSF jurisdictional organs.

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2014 GrandSlam Latin Final | Viewed from the Podium


Trailer for the VOD programme on the 2014 GrandSlam Latin Final that was held in Shanghai, CHN, on 13 December.

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