Professional Division

2017 PD World Championship Master Class II STD

Carlo Wilmer Righero - Manuela Traversi / Italy sucessfully defend the title they won last year. Runnersup position was won by Salvatore Cantone - Raffaella Grassi / Italy. Heinz-Josef Bickers - Aurelia Bickers from Germany achieved 3rd place.

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2017 PD World Championship Master Class I LAT

Marcin Szymutko - Ksenia Yanchenkova from Ireland won the title. Mario Palermo - Sara Mola from Italy achieved runnersup position. 3rd place was given to Daniele Badiali - Maria Roberta Santini from Italy.

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2017 PD World Championship Master Class I STD

Congratulations to David Schavel - Iryna Copp from Slovakia for winning the title. Giuliano Serafini - Emanuela Chittaro from Italy became runnersup ahead of Daniele Pardini - Paola Rosi from Italy, who won 3rd place.

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2017 PD World Championship  Master Class II LAT

Andrea Leandri - Maria Cristina Trevisiol from Italy win the title ahead of Hajime Kishida - Yuko Kishida from Japan, who achieve runnersup position. 3rd place was given to Alex Endrizzi - Ester Salerno from Italy.

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2017 PD WCH STD - Prague / CZE

2017 PD World Championship Standard 

See the 2017 PD World Championship Standard Semi-Final Reel and Final Reel

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Prize Presentation

Ten Years of Professional Dancing in WDSF

On the occasion of the 2017 PD World Standard in Prague, CZE, the community took a look back at the first ten years of WDSF PD and its predecessor organisation, celebrating together with some of the biggest names in dance.

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WDSF PD World Championship Standard 

Benedetto Ferruggia - Claudia Koehler; GER, won the title ahead of Donatas Vezelis - Lina Chatkeviciute, LTU, who achieved the runners-up position. Third place went to the neo-professionals Bjorn Bitsch - Ashli Williamson, DEN.

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