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Martino Zanibellato - Michelle Abildtrup, DEN © Roland

Tablao Flamenco

The 2013 WDSF PD World Champions Latin perform a memorable show in Aarhus, their hometown, during the 2014 European Latin on 5 April.

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Paolo Bosco - Joanne Clifton, ITA © Roland

On Behalf of the WDSF PD

A statement written by Martin Pastor on behalf of the WDSF PD Managing Board pays homage to Paolo Bosco's splendid career as a professional. 

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Paolo Bosco - Joanne Clifton, ITA © Roland

Arrivederci Amici

Paolo Bosco dances to his seventh world title together with Joanne Clifton before announcing his retirement from active competition in Merano, ITA.

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Glashalle Leipzig © Roland

2013 WDSF PD European Standard

Much has been - and more will be - written about the Professional Division 2013 European Standard in Leipzig. In the final analysis the positive prevails.

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WDSF Super GrandPrix Moscow

WDSF Super GrandPrix Standard

The second WDSF PD Super GrandPrix Standard of the year brings 16 couples to the floor during Dance Accord in Moscow. Watch the full final here.

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Ostrava, CZE - 12 October © Roland

PD World Latin Live

The 2013 WDSF PD World DanceSport Championship Latin in Ostrava aired live on Czech public broadcaster CESKA's first channel and in primetime.

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2012 PD World Latin in Leipzig, GER © Roland

2013 PD World Latin Starters

Here is the starting list for the WDSF PD World DanceSport Championship Latin in Ostrava, CZE. 42 couples, 30 countries ... At four days out!

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Image of Ozgun Caglar Ersoy

Ozgun Caglar Ersoy

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The WDSF Professional Division (PD) administers and governs the professional side of DanceSport autonomously with regards to the competitions, the competition rules as well as the licensing of professional athletes and officials.

The PD is, however, subject to the laws and policies of WDSF. It respects the latter's administrative jurisdiction and exclusive rights to internal and external representation. It adheres to the same democratic, sporting and management principles. It upholds the same standards and codes for ethics and anti-doping, and it recognises the competence of the WDSF jurisdictional organs.

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Paddy - Nico | Britain's Got Talent 2014


Simon's not strictly in the mood for ballroom, but Paddy & Nico have much more in store than first appearances suggest. Watch the energy-shift in this electric pairing's performance.

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