Donato Acampora

General information

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Name Donato
Surname Acampora
Nationality Italy
Member Id number (MIN) 10085623
Year of birth 1969
Current age group Senior IIb
Member of Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva


Division: General
Status: Active


43.07 May 2016International OpenStandardAdultRimini - Italy
40.07 May 2016OpenStandardSenior IIRimini - Italy
30.17 January 2016OpenStandardSenior IIBudrio - Italy
27.04 January 2016OpenStandardSenior IIVerona - Italy
18.11 December 2015OpenStandardSenior IIJesi (Ancona) - Italy
45.12 April 2015World OpenStandardAdultMegeve - France
15.11 April 2015OpenStandardSenior IMegeve - France
34.11 April 2015OpenStandardSenior IIMegeve - France
30.13 December 2014OpenStandardAdultJesi (Ancona) - Italy
14.13 December 2014OpenStandardSenior IJesi (Ancona) - Italy
31.13 December 2014OpenStandardSenior IIJesi (Ancona) - Italy
0.11 May 2014OpenStandardSenior IRimini - Italy
74.10 May 2014OpenStandardSenior IIRimini - Italy
11.14 December 2013OpenStandardSenior IJesi - Italy


CoupleNameNationalityCompeting forStatusJoinedRetired
detailsLorena ManciniItalyItalyActive17/09/2013


Profile picture of Donato Acampora
Country of origin: Italy
I mainly live in: Ancona - Italy
Profession or education: Employee
Marital status: Married
Hobbies: Dance
Preferred dances: Slow Fox
Personal strengths: willpower
Main trainers: Pasqualini Marco