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10.18 September 2013World DanceSport GamesSalsa On OneAdultKaohsiung - Chinese Taipei


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That's Me!

About Us:

Carmine-Valeria Valentina LopezValeria & Lars World Dance Games Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Date of birth: 23.11.1990
Nationality: CH / ESP
Location: Bern

Lars Lucas Kauer
Date of birth: 15.05.1990
Nationality: CH
Location: Bern


Salsa classes in various dance schools in the region of Bern.
Merengue / Bachata in self-study.


Valeria & Lars be in May 2012 a couple.
Various Salsa / Bachata qualifying tournaments in Switzerland; always between 1 and 3 Rank.
September 2012, World Cup Schaffhausen, bachata / salsa; 18./16. Rank
November 2012, Swiss Championship, Bachata / Salsa Puertoriqueña / salsa IDO;
2./1./3. Rank.

Music and dance have always been with us, but we had proper instruction only beginning in 2006.
We met us in April 2012 when we were both on Dancing Dating. We phoned each other and agreed to meet first on the same evening in a salsa club. Was immediately clear to us that the couple harmony right and we have the same energy and passion. The passionate dance was so great that we both quickly realized that we can achieve much.
From summer 2012, we were both a dance and a couple on the fast track and could conquer the dance floor.
As the climax and conclusion of the season in November 2012, we participated in the Salsa Swiss Cup finals. We picked up three podiums: Salsa Puertoriqueña 1 Place; IDO Salsa 3 Place 2 and Bachata Place. This brings Valeria and Lars to second place in Switzerland the annual rankings.
After many workshops and shows in 2012 came the big step in 2013!


In January 2013, we founded the Latino Dance Company
We offer workshops and shows- more info at:
January to April, 2013, various show appearances and workshops.

We train hard and still want to achieve many things. Before this year are some highlights, such as In September 2013, the World Dance Sport Games (WDSG) in Taiwan.

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