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Arrived in Ostrava!!!

It is rather late, past midnight already, and the WDSF Communications team has finally arrived at the hotel where the athletes in the 2011 World Youth Latin - as well as those competing in the Grand Slam Latin on Sunday - will spend the next two days: the Park Inn Ostrava. Actually, they will only get their well deserved rest at the ****  Radisson spin-off, with wellness and fitness included. The dancers are guaranteed to put in most of their time in the Czech Republic at the CEZ Arena, the splendid venue of the competitions today and Sunday.

Evgeniy Kuzin and Victor Burchuladze, RUS Thank god that dinner was being served well past the 10 p.m. deadline. Quite a few athletes had to have their curfew extended by their coaches in order to get a bite before retiring ... The Russian National Team of Evgeniy Kuzin - Elina Popova and Victor Burchuladze - Valeriya Agikian even got their desserts. Under the watchful eye of their trainer and coach, Alexey Silde, who enjoyed the Lasagna.

We took advantage of the situation and asked coach and athletes to do an interview with us first thing tomorrow. To do that in only eight hours, we all better get some rest.