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2012 GrandSlam Chengdu

Shanghai World Ten Dance 13/07/2012

There is even more on top-level DanceSport coming at you from China! As you wait for tomorrow's GrandSlam Latin coverage to go up on this blog, why not take a look back at the WDSF World DanceSport Championship Ten Dance held in this country in December 2011?

Part I of the 52-minute highlights programme on the 2011 WDSF World DanceSport Championship Ten Dance in Shanghai, CHN. Produced by WDSF television partner IEC in Sports.

cPi21IRqcM0|2011 World Ten Dance
Between today and tomorrow, the WDSF Communications team uploads all three parts of the IEC-produced highlights programme from Shanghai.

In Full Swing 13/07/2012

Zheng Lunfa The 3,000 dancers taking part in the 2012 International DanceSport Festival are by no means the only ones moving to music in Chengdu. People dancing in squares and other public places are a very common sight all around China. Zheng Lunfa, a Chengdu resident in his eighties, is a regular fixture on one of the city plazas. He says he likes to practise belly dancing in order to stay in shape.

Watch Zheng Lunfa in action here!

Spectacular Opening Ceremony 13/07/2012

2012 Chengdu © After a final rehearsal at the Shuangliu Sports Centre performers of the Dalian International Dance School put on a spectacular show to open this year's Chengdu Dance Festival. The specially choregraphed dances delighted the numerous public in attendance with a touch of Brodaway.

Other acts of the opening ceremony were based on martial arts such as Tai Chi.


2012 Chengdu © The sporting highlights of the first two festival days are the National Youth Championships.


2012 Chengdu | Strong Brand 12/07/2012

Chengdu International DanceSport Festival Going into its second edition, the Chengdu International DanceSport Festival is well on track towards establishing itself as the leading brand in China for an event that touches on all facets: sport, exchange and industry.

The National Sports Administration is determined to support the Chinese DanceSport Federation as well as regional and local governmental and sporting authorities in perpetuating the festival as an all-inclusive showcase for DanceSport in China and around the world.

This year, a concurrent trade show will put the full range of DanceSport products manufactured in China on display. Whether it is shoes, tails or other garments, the 3,000 participants in the festival will get a chance to shop til they drop.

Last year already, the organisers had put great emphasis on transmitting their festival brand with very elaborate visuals and a fit-out that converted the venue, the Shuangliu Sports Centre, into a very colourful setting. This has been improved on further this time around.

Chengdu International DanceSport Festival

2012 Chengdu | Huge 11/07/2012

2011 Chengdu GrandSlam © Julia Kroumova

Last year's edition of the International DanceSport Festival in Chengdu, CHN, was big already: two GrandSlam events plus assorted national and international competitions required several panels of adjudicators (pictured above) working long hours.

Read up on the 2011 GrandSlam events in John Fam's article. Or watch some of the action in the two playlists below. 



In 2012 - even if it is only a GrandSlam Latin this time - the festival will be even bigger. And you will be able to follow it here!