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Where To Watch?

You may watch the LIVE STREAMS of Semi-Final and Final on ...

This Blog

Just as soon as we are about to start with the webcast, we will post a player right here. You will be able to follow the entire webcast in the maximum stream quality, but you will not be able to comment on the post.

The News Item

We have embedded a player in the NEWS section, click here! Also without comments!

The DanceSport Total Channel on YouTube

The LIVE FEED from Copenhagen is featured here! Or yo can wiatch on a YouTube generic page, with all possibilities for you to comment on what you are watching. We'll try to monitor as best we can and remind you: no fould language, insults, etc.

We have just been advised that the quarterfinal finished behind schedule, and that the start of the semi-final will also be delayed slightly!

YouTube Live!