Alexander Karst - Lisa Karst

General information

Alexander Karst   (10035351)
Lisa Karst   (10061643)
Danced for
Joined on
29 June 2017
Current age group
Current status

24. in Adult - Ten Dance with 228 points

238. in Adult - Latin with 530 points

242. in Adult - Standard with 491 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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24.5707 April 2018International OpenStandardAdultOlbia - Italy
26.4907 April 2018International OpenLatinAdultOlbia - Italy
6.11204 December 2017OpenTen DanceAdultDnipropetrovsk - Ukraine
16.16003 December 2017World OpenLatinAdultDnipropetrovsk - Ukraine
30.9602 December 2017World OpenStandardAdultDnipropetrovsk - Ukraine
25.4625 November 2017International OpenStandardAdultMilano Malpensa - Italy
22.5324 November 2017International OpenLatinAdultMilano Malpensa - Italy
1.8024 November 2017OpenTen DanceAdultMilano Malpensa - Italy
10.17612 November 2017International OpenStandardAdultUsti nad Labem - Czech Republic
9.19212 November 2017International OpenLatinAdultUsti nad Labem - Czech Republic
32.3822 October 2017International OpenStandardAdultAlmere - Netherlands
44.7621 October 2017World OpenLatinAdultAlmere - Netherlands
13.3620 October 2017OpenTen DanceAdultAlmere - Netherlands
16.7824 September 2017International OpenStandardAdultBertrange - Luxembourg
11.21 July 2017OpenLatinRising StarsWuppertal - Germany