German Enriquez - Ma Danella Renee Publico

General information
ManGerman Enriquez   (10038755)
WomanMa Danella Renee Publico   (10070609)
Dancing forPhilippines
Joined on 01 January 2011
Current age groupAdult
Current statusActive
Ranking 317. in Adult - Standard with 357 points.

About these rankings.

About these rankings

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9.02 November 2013Asian ChampionshipStandardAdultNanjing - People's Republic of China
41.9808 September 2013GrandSlamStandardAdultBeijing - People's Republic of China
19.11203 August 2013World OpenStandardAdultBangkok - Thailand
36.14712 May 2013GrandSlamStandardAdultHong Kong - Hong Kong
19.21 October 2012World CupStandardAdultHong Kong - Hong Kong
9.14406 October 2012OpenStandardAdultTaipei - Chinese Taipei
10.6609 September 2012OpenStandardAdultMacau - Macau
10.08 September 2012Asian ChampionshipStandardAdultMacau - Macau
11.9901 September 2012International OpenStandardAdultChristchurch - New Zealand
8.01 September 2012Asian Pacific ChampionshipStandardAdultChristchurch - New Zealand
34.9504 August 2012World OpenStandardAdultBangkok - Thailand
24.5006 May 2012International OpenStandardAdultSeoul - South Korea
3.6015 December 2011OpenStandardAdultManila - Philippines
10.12 December 2011Asian Pacific ChampionshipStandardAdultMelbourne - Australia
17.6010 December 2011International OpenStandardAdultMelbourne - Australia
21.4308 October 2011International OpenStandardAdultTaipei - Chinese Taipei
26.4724 September 2011International OpenStandardAdultBeijing - People's Republic of China
6.6310 September 2011OpenStandardAdultSingapore - Singapore