Luca Rossignoli - Merje Styf

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Luca Rossignoli   (10001001)
Merje Styf   (10007506)
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21 May 2013
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18. in Adult - Standard with 390 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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9.14 May 2017European ChampionshipStandardAdultDebrecen - Hungary
4.9406 May 2017OpenStandardAdultBangkok - Thailand
10.11615 April 2017Super Grand PrixStandardAdultCambrils - Spain
4.8526 March 2017OpenStandardAdultPieve Di Cento - Italy
2.9519 March 2017OpenStandardAdultHelsinki - Finland
Excused07 May 2016OpenStandardAdultBangkok - Thailand
1.9006 March 2016OpenStandardAdultHelsinki - Finland
Excused20 December 2015OpenStandardAdultRiga - Latvia
5.9021 November 2015OpenStandardAdultVienna - Austria
5.27510 October 2015World ChampionshipStandardAdultLeipzig - Germany
6.18811 August 2015Super Grand PrixStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
6.16811 July 2015Super Grand PrixStandardAdultRimini - Italy
5.03 July 2015European CupStandardAdultWuppertal - Germany
4.8514 March 2015OpenStandardAdultPieve Di Cento - Italy
8.14 February 2015European ChampionshipStandardAdultCopenhagen - Denmark
2.19021 December 2014Super Grand PrixStandardAdultRiga - Latvia
11.29 November 2014European ChampionshipStandardAdultMagdeburg - Germany
4.9416 November 2014OpenStandardAdultVienna - Austria
9.19501 November 2014World ChampionshipStandardAdultNanjing - People's Republic of China
4.7713 September 2014OpenStandardAdultPrague - Czech Republic
9.15012 August 2014Super Grand PrixStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
Excused22 March 2014OpenStandardAdultPieve di Cento - Italy
4.8516 March 2014OpenStandardAdultBrno - Czech Republic
1.9009 March 2014OpenStandardAdultHelsinki - Finland
Excused07 December 2013Super Grand PrixStandardAdultMagdeburg - Germany
4.30 November 2013World CupStandardAdultWetzlar - Germany
Excused02 November 2013European ChampionshipStandardAdultLeipzig - Germany
11.10613 August 2013Super Grand PrixStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany


Luca Merje
Country of originItaly
HobbiesFootball, Horses
Preferred dancesSlow Fox
Personal strengthsStrong legs
MoreI love chocolate!!!