Manuel Longhitano - Moira Lorenzon

General information
ManManuel Longhitano   (10074278)
WomanMoira Lorenzon   (10054815)
Dancing forItaly
Joined on 07 December 2012
Current age groupAdult
Current statusActive
Ranking 290. in Adult - Latin with 497 points.

About these rankings.

About these rankings

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28.9612 April 2014World OpenLatinAdultLjubljana - Slovenia
34.4122 March 2014International OpenLatinAdultPieve di Cento - Italy
13.21 March 2014OpenLatinRising StarsPieve di Cento - Italy
35.8816 March 2014World OpenLatinAdultBrno - Czech Republic
10.14 March 2014OpenLatinRising StarsBrno - Czech Republic
35.7723 February 2014World OpenLatinAdultTilburg - Netherlands
11.22 February 2014OpenLatinRising StarsTilburg - Netherlands
43.6808 December 2013World OpenLatinAdultMaribor - Slovenia
33.8818 October 2013World OpenLatinAdultAncona - Italy
18.18 October 2013OpenLatinRising StarsAncona - Italy
18.7815 June 2013International OpenLatinAdultKrsko - Slovenia
37.7009 June 2013World OpenLatinAdultOlsztyn - Poland
23.28 April 2013OpenLatinRising StarsValeggio Sul Mincio (Verona) - Italy
35.3327 April 2013International OpenLatinAdultValeggio Sul Mincio (Verona) - Italy
21.3613 April 2013International OpenLatinAdultCatania (CT) - Italy
62.3223 March 2013World OpenLatinAdultPieve di Cento (Bologna) - Italy
24.22 March 2013OpenLatinRising StarsPieve di Cento (Bologna) - Italy
54.3217 March 2013World OpenLatinAdultBrno - Czech Republic
35.14 March 2013OpenLatinRising StarsBrno - Czech Republic
29.8408 December 2012World OpenLatinAdultMaribor - Slovenia