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Marco Cavallaro   (10000219)
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17 March 2000
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17 April 2000
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18.16 April 2000International OpenStandardAdultSwitzerland - Switzerland
95.18 March 2000International OpenStandardAdultItaly - Italy

That's Him!

How did you get in contact with Dancesport ?

Marco Cavallaro - Joanna Clifton, ITA © dancesport.roI started wen was 9 years old just for fun with my sisters because my parents where going in a dance school, then got more and more competitive and decide to go for it. I love competitions.

Joanne : My parents and my family in general have been into DanceSport for many years winning some major competitions and title over Englan and around the world.So it was to keep dancing as I loved since I was very little.

 What ist the fascination that you are still involved in Dancesport ?

The girl!!! lol and of course all the glamour and discipline and sacrifice that make this discipline a very tuff sport.

Joanne : The fact of been able to compete as team for a lady its very interesting. Many man think they can solve problem alone as they are strong, in dancing obviously its not the case. You make everything as a couple and success and defeat are the result of both effort. Luckily Marco it’s a very nice person and we have dance now for 11 years without any problem at all.

What is your aim in Dancesport ?

For both of us its to get remember as great dancers. Titles are important, and fortunately we have got some, but after many years you only remember the dancers that really moved you and left you with great feeling when they performed.

 Is there something in Dancesport nowadays what you are worried about ?

Well, not really. But many years ago there was much more discipline in dress code (practice wise) and attitude. Something that really you don’t see anymore. It look to easy to be a dancer and before it wasn’t in a way. You hade very strict rules on how to look all time and how to behave.

How long are you dancing ?

Me for 20 years, Joanne for 23 years.

 What is your favorite dance ?

Quickstep and Slow Waltz

 Who is your main trainer ?

Davide and Olga Cacciari

 Where do you mainly live ?

Italy, Bologna

 Do you have time to meet friends ?

We see our parents once a month. Imagine our friends. Our friend are in the dancesport so I guess so. Around that we don’t spend time outside the dance floor so its difficult. If you want to be good in everything you must sacrifice in many areas.

 Your education, job :

We have been student in college up to maximum level but not in university. Now we fully dedicate our time to the Dance Sport Academy and dance training.

What are you going to do if there is - completely unexpected -  a free day for you ?

Well try and relax with some friends going out for the full day. Shopping and cinema and good restaurant seems good choice all time.

 Do you have any hobbies  beside dancing ?

Marco like spending time with computers and technology in general.

Sometimes some football match with my dancers colleagues.

Joanne like to read and cinema a lot.

 Do you have other talents which nobody knows so far ?

Can’t really say! Only few will have the pleasure to discover my other talent.(laughing a lot) by the way singing in the shower just to clarify!

Not really, Actually I think I have none ,because also in dancing I am not that good. My fortune its to have a partner like Joanne.

 Joanne its full of talent. Singing ,play the piano and drawing are the most visible.

 Which kind of movie could you motivate to go to the cinema ?

Remembers the Titans, Jerry Maguire, Gladiator, Men of Honor, Any given Sunday.

 Imagine you are on a lonely island. What are the 3 most important things you would take with you or you cannot imagine to live without ?

Easy: Woman, wine, dance shoes!

Joanne Dress, food and ipod!

What are you most proud of ?

The way I grow up.

Joanne maybe our career.

Which of your dreams would you like most to come true ?

See dancesport at the Olympics .Be happy in general will be a good things.

What are your targets fort he next World Championship ? questions! my top rivals at the moment are a polish couple and a Russian couple.

European Championship will be in Poland…I let you imagine where the world will be…I think will be difficult but knowing us it’s a dangerous spot for them as we always performing at the best when we are under pressure.

 If you meet a person you don`t know, what hits your eyes ?

Eyes,Face, attitude

 How do you cope with stress and bad mood ?

Thanks good we don’t have many. Anyway thinking about something nice will help.

 What are your personal strengths ?

The way how I think about stuff ,my brain seems to work very good most of the times.

Having Joanne always agree with me helps even better.

Joanne its very determinate.

 What is your motto in life ?

  •  When someone tells me there is only one way to do things, it always lights a fire under my butt. My instant reaction is, I'm gonna prove you wrong. “Picabo street”
  • It isn't hard to be good from time to time in sports. What is tough, is being good every day. “Willie Mays”